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  1. Here's some more more info @BIGNEWY I had it happen to me just now in Stable. What is happening: After a while in sim On Scene/Camera Change Steam VR enters a fault state and stops talking with VR. Normallly either happens when - Go from Cockpit to F10 map. - Die and get teleported to an external view of a unit. - F# to a unit that isn't right near you. DCS logs show NOTHING with this error as DCS is still running, it even still gets head tracking data from SteamVR etc just you have no link and can't just re-enter the sim as to fix the issue y
  2. I haven't had this one happen, but this looks like 2 issues based on the logs I've just looked at Hushpuppy's appears to be a Nvidia driver crash with a shader command as can be seen here 2021-01-30 01:02:04.525 INFO EDCORE: try to write dump information 2021-01-30 01:02:04.530 INFO EDCORE: # -------------- 20210130-010204 -------------- 2021-01-30 01:02:04.533 INFO EDCORE: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19042) 2021-01-30 01:02:04.536 INFO EDCORE: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_e44a509137af5639\nvwgf2umx.dll 2021-01-30 0
  3. This bug appears to still be happening, we wasted an hour just now trying to launch Mav's doing everye thing under the sun.. Mav's can be Tracking a laser and refuse to come off. It's annoying.
  4. Not talking JESTER we are talking the KNEEBOARD Datalink page you know the one you use when your a RIO, that is extremely limited and not done by proximity etc. It shows carriers, then Burkes etc etc etc hit shift K and go look on that mission and see the mess that it is. Not every one flys with Jester, some of us fly with humans and right now you can't if there are enoguh ships etc around find the AWACS, there needs to be a way to cycle through if there is more then one page of Datalink contacts especailly given LOS seems to impact the Datalink. And just to show what i mean here's proof.
  5. With the latest set of patches etc the Datalink page on the kneeboard now shows every boat in a fleet as a datalink source, this is great except that you can't scroll beyond the page shown.. So if you've a full fleet of ships etc you can't find the AWACS Datalink freq's as they aren't visible.
  6. 99.99% of what you've asked is in the SPAWN command but to make this easy... awacsgroup = nil -- this holds our awacsgroup if we need it at anypoint. -- create our spawner. myawacsspawner = SPAWN:NewWithAlias("myawacsgroup","Overlord"):InitLimit(1,99):InitRepeatOnEngingeShutDown():InitCleanUp(600):InitRadioFrequency(252.00):OnSpawnGroup(function(spawngroup) awacsgroup = spawngroup -- store our spawnedgroup into awacsgroup so we can interact with it if ew need to. end,{}):SpawnScheduled(300,1) You'd need to do a task push to adjust altitude and speed.. and well the moose documentat
  7. would also love to see these api items added as one of the servers that uses Overlordbot a LOT.
  8. My issue with this being 'as intended' other then it not being well correct. is that there is an Incockpit Handbrake specifically for the reason that the airframe does roll when at idle.... and the extra thrust required to overcome the friction that shouldn't be there = extra fuel load that shouldn't be being burnt during taxi.
  9. Ah To be fair my other thread didn't just pop up Stal2k I pointed Newy to it and I posted it over a year ago, it has a lot of extra info in it that I thought might help given that this post now exists. Thing is people need to take a step back for a moment, there is a very real chance that part of this is being driven by a time out caused when the vram gets dumped etc which means that peoples graphics settings, actual systems etc could play a very big part in all of it. What I've had it happen on some one with a 2080ti might not have it happen on, what your reporting etc I might run and neve
  10. Can I offer a suggestion as well, those whom are having this happen: Post not only your steps to reproduce, but also go and get your STEAMVR logs and post those as well, when this happens, as these give the steam vr client side of what is happening and might help.. also post your DCS settings and PC settings, SteamVR settings etc. I've hazarded an opinion privately that it's due to a time out likely happening when the scene changes, but with out it being able to be reliably reproduced its very hard for any programmer to ever look at it.. and I mean I've had the issue myself.. The St
  11. There is pro's and con's to both sides of this and arguments that can be made on both sides and seemingly confusion on what/why/how lmits are set and people going 'no its not' to information that is correct. The Limits set in the flight manuals are typically anywhere from 1.25 - 2x's lower the the maximum amount of G forces the Aircraft itself can pull case in point the Viper can and has been recorded even by it's General Dynamics creators as being able to go above 9g's but 9g's sustained was set for a few reasons the same reasons that go through for each and every aircraft namedly: 1. It's
  12. Aren't 100% certain what caused this as there were a few events happening at the time and I had tracks turned off (log etc is attached but.. ).what I know happened is that I moved in Game Master slot into a M113 and dcs locked up and crashed out to the reporter. Log simply reports it as a weapons.dll access violation zip attached. dcs.log-20200829-135733.zip
  13. Title says it but I've noticed that on Multiplayer I can't get the link 16 to work for 'INTRAFLIGHT' setup UNLESS I set up the flight as 2-4 ship flight 'group'. If each client is set up as it's own group then no matter what we seem to enter into the Link 16 data the most we get is the Radar information and the 'Green' MIDS datalink, not the BLUE flight data link information. So the question is is manual configuring of the Link 16 datalink actually working in multiplayer properly? Steps we did: Spawn in Hot birds. - Make certain Mids was 100% in the 'On' position List - Enter to b
  14. Title says it all, the CMS system isn't working if SIM is boxed even if the Master ARM is on, believe this is tied to the strange idea that continues to exist that the Hornets ALE requires the master arm to be on, however even with the Master ARm in the ON position the ALE system will not dispense even in BYPASS if/when SIM is boxed. This is a bug and incorrect, as it is quite common for CMS despensing to take place during SIM boxed ACM etc (normally with training CM's in the dispensers). Steps to Reproduce. SMS - Box Sim. Master ARM - On ALE - Bypass. CMDS - Either. Result:
  15. Can confirm this one track attached. azimuthbug.trk
  16. So I bit the bullet on TGW's server and rolled us all back to stable and we all instantly noticed almost a 20 - 40% increase in performance on our machines measurable in both Monitor and VR, but not only that there is a significant increase in the server side reported FPS if your using something like Tacview to monitor said performance. Here's just some things we noticed performance wise over the last 4 weeks or so... Prior to the SC dropping we saw server frames of about 70-90fps base line dropping over time down to about 60fps with a lower limit of 40 on our 'heaviest' mission at the time
  17. Frames this latest OB are.. ugly, and not just in the rates, the frame times are a MESS rather then nice smooth frames you can actually watch visibly the frame time spikes happen and seemingly for no reason at all. The Perf is the worst I've seen it in a very long time.
  18. Same, radar is busted as hell, who the hell tested this :(
  19. This issue is still happening, seems to be any time there is a large amount of memory in use and then DCS is asked to 'change' the scene. from tonight Wed Jun 10 2020 19:57:28.952 - [system] Prepare operating system environment Wed Jun 10 2020 19:57:28.952 - [system] Setting power settings to minimum power savings. Wed Jun 10 2020 19:57:29.172 - [system] Transition from 'SteamVRSystemState_Off' to 'SteamVRSystemState_Startup'. Wed Jun 10 2020 19:57:29.349 - [system] Runtime: 1591675834 250820 STEAMVR Wed Jun 10 2020 19:57:29.669 - VR_Init successful Wed Jun 10 2020 19:57:30.357 - [ste
  20. This isn't a fix though it's a bandaid for something that shouldn't be happening or required, DCS shouldn't need manual 'thread - core' babysitting full stop
  21. Two issues here with Neutral Coalition items that have been added to the game. The First is: Neutral Units do not show up on the F10 map despite being well and truly detected. On Discord some one said this is a design feature, if it is.. then it's a poor choice, because it makes for multiple issues both game play and mission editing related. 1. ME wise it means that it's impossible to check if units are doing what you have set them to do at a glance on the map, even when that map is set to fog of war or show all. 2. It causes in game issues for GCI etc, if you can't see the neut
  22. No but you could want to fly say Oman trying to keep UAE and Irani aircraft from their airspace while still having UAE/Coalition vs Iran etc. There are many a reason for a 'third' faction to be in and to be flyable. Neutrals aren't showing up full stop in multiplayer.
  23. So just to chime in here, the normal list of things to check.. 1. Your Firewall is actually set to allow DCS to communicate through it in both directions This is NOT your router portfowarding, but your WINDOWS Software Firewall, be it something like Windows default Firewall or your AV's . 2. Your Routers ports are fully open or NAT complient. 3. You have checked your ports are all open If all of the ABOVE is correct you have done it on the OTHER machine as well, there is no point in fixing your end or trying to fix your end if the issues on the OTHER end. Your saying your trying to c
  24. It would be nice to see one of well either 2 things happen with the current communications menu which lets be honest can get really cluttered if you have any ships etc in the list. 1. It filter the list based on the Aircraft your currently in so that things like the Burke or the Ticon or a bunch of FARPS etc don't show up in the ATC list for Hornets,Vipers, etc whom will never and would never be landing on them. or 2. If your not in simple communications mode it only list the agents on the actual frequencies your tuned to. Because currently just having like 6 ships in CV group
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