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  1. I am glad you find the manual interesting. It is pretty straightforward, and to my understanding the gauge is actually a calculator and without a leak in the system it provides a good estimate. Table 8 on pg 38 lists the fuel gauge readings with respect to five fuel tank empty lights during the flight as they illuminate in sequence. Pumps are turned off to prevent damage but thanks god we are not dealing with that kind of detail here. Flameouts due to fuel starvation by pulling negative or zero g over the limited times are still possible, just another example of the keeping the jet within the
  2. This here says "Engine operation was excellent" so I don't know what the Tomcat guys talking about the compressor stalls etc; https://youtu.be/G-mrFcsw-Ew?t=762 They wouldn't lie like a used car salesman, would they? Excellent series, thank you for posting!
  3. You may have a point on the MP server side of the things. Perhaps this is not occurring to me as I always repair first if necessary and then refuel & rearm. If the server allows F2 external view then I also check my loadout visually as sometimes the ground crew only partially rearms the plane due to restrictions set out in the mission or corruptions due to new patches etc. Procedure is to turn on all three fuel pumps after startup which should ensure the ventral tank is drained first if it is not the case. Keep an eye on the ventral tank empty light when it starts flickering. T
  4. Fuel gauge can't measure the actual amount remaining as not all fuel tanks plumbed with measuring sensors. Instead, there are signal lights for the wing, ventral and no.1 tanks when they are actually empty. Pilot then confirms the remaining fuel reading and adjusts the gauge if necessary. However, in DCS, the gauge always reads the actual amount except when the ventral and/or wing tanks are jettisoned before they are actually empty. In that case, a quick adjustment to the fuel gage to indicate ~2750 L is necessary. Otherwise everything is auto-set when you refuel. I haven't notice
  5. thanks for the heads up and keep up the good work
  6. Rather than asking "manual when" I was wondering if there are any other jF-17 resources on the net. Chuck's guide and the Quick start manual both great, however, I would like to have some more info on the basic info on how to properly fly the JF such as optimum speeds/aoa for different flight regimes. Anyone willing to share? edit: not a current Jeff owner but wanting to invest time in the module as my first non alarm clock jet.
  7. That's impressive, though doesn't mean you can stop before the end! I wish DCS simulated brake energy limitations, this would add a lot to realism and prevent people landing at the maximum takeoff weight.
  8. 6000 lbs seems a lot fuel to land with when compared to Mig-21's 1200 lbs (700 L) fuel reserve if not landing overweight. Actually you should be able to fly from Anapa to Batumi with 6000 lbs, why would you carry so much dead weight?
  9. Unless you have time in the seat what you think looks good is subjective. At least you are happy, not that they’re on fire to fix the mig anyway
  10. Well there will be situations like that and it will always be a compromise. No need to complicate it, it’s just like driving, you focus your view outside and don’t even notice reflections. It’s particularly bad on lower settings. A workaround is definitely needed.
  11. those things happen all the time. most aircraft including the -21 recovers just fine. perhaps a mocking video would help them take ACTION as they don't respond to their customers in their own forum. Last time they were slacking ED had to give them a push
  12. Who flies the Mig-21 to/from grass or mud? Answer; NO ONE. Simple fact is the people are just fed up and quit asking M3 to fix this long time ago.
  13. It seems there are no plans to bring this plane to the same level of functionality with the rest of FC3 planes. The Mig-29 and the Su-27 both have proportional braking and nose wheel steering on/off options enabled, I don’t know why the Su-25 pulled the short stick but it is such a shame really.
  14. has there been any improvements on this?
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