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  1. Hello I reported it here: Both A-10A and C, only in stable. track file was attached.
  2. Ok so the evil looking pilot and the AI pilot with the extra face on his belly are both in stable and open beta.
  3. Btw, this is Stable, error still present after clean up and repair track added. pilot body error.trk
  4. Looks like the pilots seem a bit scrambled. This is for A-10A and A-10C, not A-10C II. Is this just me? This happened after the last update.
  5. Ok thanks for that input. In the end I went for a combination of everything, but it's hard to keep track when checking and re-checking everything in the trigger table. For my next mission I'm just going to use the radio transmissions and create zones near where the transmission occurs, and flags to stop transmission. I remember reading that ED was working on "Message to group", but with a frequency option. That would be easier, since you wouldn't need to stop the transmission each time.
  6. Sorry if this has been addressed already. I couldn't find anything searching the forum. Essentially I'd like to set several radio transmissions between me and my wingman on the UFH AM freq (or any other), to be triggered by flags or zones. From what I was able to find, I can have a radio transmission start triggered by a flag (either through a radio item F10 or "Start wait user response"). And each time stop the transmission in a next trigger, for example time since flag x. I enter multiple zones from which the transmissions are being emitted, according to the where the planes are. In t
  7. Hello, back to DCS after a couple of years and diving into the mission editor again. I was wondering and maybe someone can help me. I'm building a mission in which the A-10C is in touch with a command center. Would that commander center communicate on the UHF AM frequencies or on the VHF AM frequencies? My initial thought would be UHF AM... thanks
  8. I only make screenshots, yes...
  9. I've been away from DCS for about a year. The 2.5 looks very nice and with the Hornet finally released and other new aircraft cooking things look very promising. But I'm a bit disappointed to see that after so long the 3d models of many AI aircraft are still the old ones. I know there's a new SU-34 being prepped. But is there any news on the rest of the AI aircraft? Having updated models of these does improve immersion a lot I think and expands the possibilities when creating missions in ME. I avoid those old models in missions because they make me cringe a little bit... It would be
  10. I wouldn't mind as long as it can be used in a generic way, meaning over different eras. That way you can create a playground for older jets. But a Northern European map is more urgent now I think. What is the Viggen doing in Georgia?
  11. I suppose the AI's being unable to land on airbases is related to that? See attached pic.
  12. A-4 (any version), F-4B, FJ-3M, G-91Y, F-104G/S, Buccaneer, F-84F... ah endless list. But without the maps to go with them, they would seem a bit out of place. I think it's very important that more maps are being developed so that more possibilities open up to develop more types of aircraft for various scenarios and eras. I hope/expect this to happen after the merge... fingers crossed.
  13. This was probably reported, although I haven't found it in the forum. These types of parking spots in Kobuleti (see pic) are ignored by AI. If a plane is already parked there, AI will still park there and obviously collide. I'm not sure if it's the case at Kutaisi as well, but it is at Kobuleti.
  14. I'm sure ED is aware of this, but it seems that they have more pressing things to do. I suppose the F/A-18C and the 2.5 merge have a higher priority in their agenda. Since Belsimtek is developing the F-4E and Heartblur the F-14, these models will probably end up replacing the AI ones in the game. But I'd be very happy to see updated models of those F-16's, Mig-23/27's and Su-17's. Not to mention the bombers... An AI F-111F wouldn't be bad either.
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