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  1. So i was playing our weekly mandatory with TAW and again my client crashes. I honestly feel like the bad performance and continuous crashes is removing all the joy. I cant even complete a mission without something not working correctly. Who can take responsibility and fix this! there are 2 man indie studios creating better games with VR that perform better this. I have spent about 500$ on this game, when will it deliver? Just try to open any of the multiplayer servers with VR, it will take about 5 minutes to load with a m2 ssd and cause blinking loading games sending you into a seizu
  2. That's where you are wrong. Its in my interest to keep this player base happy and unified. If the player base is happy business will bloom.
  3. Why should i pay for yet another map im never gonna play! stop splitting up the community and mp servers and start building these together into zones or something that actually makes sense! to expensive! I have normandy, never play it. I have nevada, never play it. Why should i buy it?
  4. Hi all I have been browsing this forum alot and here are tons of projects going on here. Many old with dead links and some new that died out... Im looking for any alternatives to http://vrpits.com id like to build my won cockpit starting with the Acer II seat. I dont mind doing this by hand with a jig-saw, but id like to find a good alternative for quality plans. Any help is appreciated :)
  5. I think textures would be an good start :)
  6. I am surprised that there are no dedicated servers support yet, are we still living in the 90´s? There must be a reason for why they are still sticking around with having to have the full installation + dx11 capable cards to even be able to host a server. And as most servers online runs very slow, sluggish and have to be restarted frequently id love to see and update for the future plans. Most people here play online anyways! ED! please give us some good news!
  7. So i decided to try this server out yesterday with 2 of my brothers. We all had huge problems connecting to the server :( Is it DCS in general who really sucks in Multiplayer servers pressed to hard?
  8. United States Washington Marysville 300 in ping no thanks :D
  9. Thats also fair! I just wish more of the people running these servers would be humble enough to ask for help. Plenty of people here with hardware and GB fiber internet ready to help! perhaps they are afraid that the multiplayer files will get public... :(
  10. Isnt the 30 player limit a little low? The server sure is popular! hard to get in from times to time.
  11. I checked yesterday and it appears that there are som ILS but still not as many as single player campaign. Also tacan seems to be completly left out. Not sure if this is something set in the mission itself or a global config that wont work in multiplayer. I would love to see more of it to added realism! And while im at it, any way that we can get synthetic overlays for the airport's where the mirages takes off or even better the closest to combat zone. :thumbup:
  12. I do feel you and i think i speak to all of us! that we do appreciate your effort. I would really love to have some bad weather, to many pvp servers are running with perfect weather conditions and for me, that breaks the immersion. Also, how come no runway have IlS? :lol:
  13. I bought it out of curiosity, not worth it. Track IR is alot better, but VR is still best best experience.
  14. I have been playing blue for a couple of nights now and i wonder, why is it that the blue team have to constantly fly with the sun in their eyes? Could we perhaps change the time a couple of hours forward. Also some weather would be nice :)
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