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  1. +1 ED I beg you please consider this stuff.
  2. Hi, any updates? If not fixing it, please add a "gamma" or "brightness" options for each different export to be programmed by users into .lua files in MonitorSetup. For example, now the Ka-50 Shkval export is brighter than cockpit, while ABRIS export is much much darker than in the cockpit in 2.5.6 as on 20-Feb-2020. Please. Thank you. https://imgur.com/f8k2Xt5
  3. Has this been stated if the 50% discount for FA18 owners will apply or not after the pre-purchase ends (for example for whole early access duration)?
  4. Coming back to Gazelle after some time I am extremely dissapointed with Gazelle TV system when on move. Camera movement is not only very choppy, certainly NOT fluid, it also demands compensation when the helicopter is moving. And then - it sometimes moves opposite to the controls! (I was unable to slew right today. Right button moved camera left, left button moved it left even faster. I am positive I have not reached gimbal limits.) Coming from Ka-50, where evading tactics after missile released is normal procedure - I am extremely dissapointed I am not able not only to hit the target, b
  5. Hi! I've spot a bug and guess it's best to put it here. I have noticed that the "heading to waypoint" needle on SA342 Gazelle (ADF instrument) is backwards. Can you please advise how to fix it, before we develop bad habit? :D Thank you for all your work! Ikarus is FANTASTIC! Best regards, K.
  6. Bug still present and troublesome. Since ED has declared the F/A-18C developement focus in December, I hope this issue will be addressed with priority. Systems are not that important when the overall experience is disappointing for 4K and multimonitor users.
  7. Hi, this CTD is STILL OCCURING 100% times on servers with no waypoints pre-planned. I have sent the crash report after crash by the automatic DCS tool like 15 times during last month. Please see the track and fix it ASAP. Track file (in link due to 10 mb size) https://ufile.io/m5q6lp36 Best regards Q
  8. Hi Devrim, I like your mod, it's really good in current state, worth using. Thank you for your effort!
  9. What Shargat said. Harrier CCRP is extremely hard and therefore ineffective compared to F/A-18C (same action). Is it what we have really how real Harriers HUD cues behave? Is there any data or chance for improvement?
  10. Is there maybe a script that could fool the AI to think it's daylight, while clients (players) would have to struggle with the night? I would very much love that option enabled to be used for some scenarios.
  11. Hi Devrim, did you manage to work on that noticeable repeat issue? Are you still using this mod?
  12. Does the new side-minigun come with the AI to shoot targets and tool to adjust ROE and short/long bursts?
  13. There are looots of folders there, just double-check with original DCS files so names match. The folders in savedgames/DCS should match these in the original directory. Check readmes and thread answers for clues.
  14. 1. try putting it in the savegames/dcs instead of main dcs install directory. 2. try this other desert terrain mod, from Starway: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=140362, on page 7 there should be working link to download I really hope we get something like that for 2.5 Caucasus eventually
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