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  1. I’m afraid that is not the case at all. Just today, I fired an AMRAAM at a human target at 45k ft from underneath him and the thing got decoyed by the chaff. In terms of the AI, it’s nearly impossible to kill them with ARH missiles because they know how to perfectly exploit the current bug.
  2. The Aim-54 is even more easily spoofed by chaff than the Aim-120. This makes sense seeing as how it’s an older missile but as I have mentioned, the 120 currently eats chaff for breakfast while the Aim-54 eats it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  3. It’s pretty clear that some people don’t know what’s going on here. First of all, this “bug,” is not unique to the AMRAAM but effects all current ARH missiles in game including the Sd-10, Aim-54, and R-77. It’s unfortunate that the title of this thread has the word Aim-120 in it as it should encompass all ARH missiles in DCS right now. With that aside, those of us that are “complaining,” are not asking for an “undodgebale kill button,” but rather as close to an accurate representation of a 21st century ARH missile as possible that does not get spoofed by a handful of chaff packets. For
  4. Notching and chaffing may work once, maybe twice if your lucky, but if you rely on it to defend against ARH missiles, you will eventually die. At least that’s how it should be but alas in DCS right now, any fool can notch an ARH missile, drop one, maybe two pieces of chaff, and get away without a scratch.
  5. That’s the thing, this type of behavior is EASILY recreated and anyone can do it. I have lost literally dozens of kills to people who do this when instead, they should be nothing but fireballs. It’s frankly, maddening. I created these tracks to show what just ONE or TWO chaff packets can do, just think how bad it would be with more than that.
  6. So I have just got done with some testing myself and this is what I found. Note in tracks 2 and 3 it took ONLY ONE CHAFF PACKET to make the Aim-120c go stupid. On top of that, in the second track, the missile pulled OVER 30 G'S to go for a single chaff packet. I'm also pretty sure that, that chaff would have been out of the seekers FOV as well. In tracks 1 and 4, it took a whopping TWO chaff packets to decoy the 21st Century missile. I highly doubt any of this is correct and I urge you to show this to the team. Aim-120C Spoofed 1 trk.trk Aim-120C Spoofed 2 trk.trk Aim-120C Spoofed 3
  7. According to other posts that I have seen, the AMRAAM should not just go berserk and go for chaff if it looses a target that is notching. Right now, an AMRAAM going for chaff is much like a heater going for flares. I’m pretty sure this is not how it should work. An AMRAAM, like most modern ARH missiles, have advanced anti chaff algorithms that I am sure would prohibit the kind of bizarre behavior we are seeing. For example, at close range when the DCS AMRAAM gets spoofed by chaff, the position of the chaff that is thought to be the aircraft by the missile, could never actually be the aircraft
  8. I just posted about this myself. The other day in multiplayer, I fired on a guy at 35000ft with an Aim-120C and all he had to do to spoof it was turn away from the missile and pop a few bundles of chaff.
  9. First off, yes, I am aware of what notching is and the effects it has on pulse doppler radar along with chaff. With that out of the way, I have noticed recently in multiplayer that Aim-120's seem to be getting spoofed quite easily by targets that notch and deploy chaff. For older missiles, this would seem appropriate, however for the Aim-120, it does not. Given that this is an ADVANCED medium range air to air missile, I would assume that though the missile may no longer be able to detect the target that is notching, it would still continue to fly towards the last calculated position of the tar
  10. In the tests I ran, I had the Aim-54c shot at me. All it takes to defeat the thing is to break left or right, put the missile on the beam, and drop one piece of chaff. Do that and the thing goes stupid. Now I do realize that by putting on the beam you are effectively notching the missile but I would think that the Phoenix, particularly the C, would be well suited against such a tactic. Again, all it takes is one piece of chaff and the thing flies right by. Additionally as of 12/24, the missile gives no warning that it has gone active, at least when shot by the AI. Finally, I would also like to
  11. No, we are upset at the fact that the Phoenix will go stupid fired at any range just so long as the target pops one piece of chaff and puts the missile on the beam. If you want proof of this, see my new post regarding this issue.
  12. Lately I have seen quite a few Aim-120’s do some pretty crazy stuff (mostly just before impact). They sometimes will veer off course wildly 20ft away from the plane, fail to pull up to intercept a target flying away, and possibly will dive down to intercept a target too early and loose it’s energy. I have no footage of this as I was not recording when I witnessed this but I know others have mentioned this as well.
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