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  1. I don't know. Has this been posted before?
  2. I know it's annnoying to repeatingly get complaints about bugs, but it's also annoying to be stuck with these bugs and feeling left alone with it. Still the same in v1.5.3. Any timeline these things will be fixed? Regards, Airway
  3. Nice one. Whats the song called?
  4. Was that f...ing cartridge start of the F-22? ? :eek: :huh::huh::huh:
  5. I might have missed it here - it's said that F-35 are deployed to Fairford and Farnborough Airshows this year. This has been confirmed but theres rumours that the F-35 will also show up on the Dutch Open Daagen in Leeuwarden in June. This hasn't been confirmed yet but it's said to be likely as the F-35 will be stationed there in the future. Has anybody more details on that?
  6. Awesome level of information. I absolutely like it and is very interesting in understanding the aircrafts systems and dependencies! Thank you!
  7. Boeing KC-46 Tanker’s First Aerial Refueling
  8. Ukraine liquidated Antonov company http://www.rg.ru/2016/01/28/zavod.html
  9. German Defense Ministry just released the new military aviation strategy paper 2016. Download in German language here: http://bit.ly/1QcrY5a In general it tells about the phase out of CH-53, Sea Lynx, Sea King, and prolonging the use of Tornado into the 2030s also the NATO E3 Awacs Force will stay into service until 2035. Then manned or unmanned aerial vehicles may support the Eurofighter and the follower of the Tornado.
  10. Ja, vermutlich weil der Schall sich mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 1235,5 km/h ausbreitet und Licht mit,8 km/h.
  11. Thank you for the reply at least!
  12. As its not under Beta anymore (since 1.5.0 these bugs occur and havent been commented on yet): - Su-25 & Su-25T engines are side switched (Instrument left, enginge right, a.s.o.) - MiG-29 (all versions) wheels spin backwards - MiG-29G Wrong/missing german markings (no Balkenkreuz etc)
  13. This winter got so warm, they finally did it :D Thank you :D С Новым Годом поздравляем И желаем вам, друзья, Счастья, радости, здоровья, Нежности, любви, добра! :holiday: :beer:
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