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  1. Agreed, that is kinda what I was implying. It has a lot to be desired. It vaguely reflects the real thing.
  2. Absolutely, if they added the 430 to the dash and few other modern options.
  3. 30 day follow up. Thank you again for an awesome affordable product. Working well and functioning perfectly. Sincerely, Reed
  4. Whats the full travel of the collective. I am trying to set mine up now. I have the k-51, it has 55* of travel. I am trying to adjust so its as close to 1:1. right my saturation is set to 60%.
  5. Just received mine today. Cheers and fantastic work.
  6. Please add me back to the list. I’ve sent an email from our previous conversation and message. thank you.
  7. Isn't there a way to change the size and vertical location of the ring of the NVG's, in DCS, to make looking under them a bit easier. IRL, I just position my NVG's to to top most setting and move them as close to my eyes as possible, thus allowing me alot more space to look underneath. I like the way the NVG's function in DCS, I jsut wish I could adjust the vertical location and size of the ring.
  8. Where do I find the Huey one at so I can use this?
  9. Several other modules have the NS430 hard mounted in the aircraft. The huey would benefit immensely. It's about time its added. Thank you
  10. I already have a sounds folder in my saved games dcs folder (C:\Users\Jason Reed\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Sounds). The sub folder is called sounders for a different mod. Can I just copy the sub folders, effects/sdef, into that sounds folder?
  11. Question: can this great work you are doing apply to the NS430? Being able to use the iPad like the in game NS430?
  12. Have we figured out how to export to an ipad or android tablet yet?
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