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  1. hi, at the start of 2021 i preorder a set of pointctrl, can you tell me how i can check the progress of how the preorders are going? greets koen
  2. Combi from helicopter to jet :) Verstuurd vanaf mijn CLT-L29 met Tapatalk
  3. I want to donate to... :) Verstuurd vanaf mijn CLT-L29 met Tapatalk
  4. hey thanks for the mod, i just trying the mod out and i have in the f18 a strange water (glitch) (reflect) in the canopy glass... if i keep my head still the water looks oke, but if i move my head, part of the water is moving to.. am i missing somthing? i have search this forum a bit but... its a lot :) greets
  5. hey toutenglisse your description of this problem is perfect, it's exactly what I meant when I started this tread. BIGNEWY, do you see the raindrops moving when you move with your plane? thanks for relooking in this problem :)
  6. i am verry calm :D just giving the info :)
  7. the only thing that i see now is that on the main page of dcs, a normal situation, all my modulle are on "bought" now there are like 50% of the planes i own still on "buy"
  8. ok, when i add it in the cart i have the discount to :)
  9. i have sent bignewy a mesage, whit the link to here for the info, i am sure he wil look into it and fix the problem :)
  10. have the same problem, i own every modulle but now when the suppercarrier is here the site is saying to me that i dont have f18 and the harrier.. but if i take a look at my payment hystorie, i see for sure i have pay'd for the f18. think there went somthing wrong, they will fix it for sure ;)
  11. hi, here is my game room, the collective and throttle is easy to change with only 3 screws, easy to switch between jet and helicopter. The chair of the simpit may not look good, but it is confortable with the jet seat on it :). loving my room. greets Koen
  12. hi, i am recently the owner of a uh-1h collective from microHELIS.de, verry proud of it but i had a small problem, that the buttons where not posible to match the game. when i activate the switch, it would not deactivate when i put the switch back to off. so i went searching to solve the problem, and i have found the solution in the lua for the UH-1h. here i give for the people that have the same collective the lua fille that you can use in the JSGME mod manager, with this lua every button works on the collective like the button in game. 1- enable it whit JSGME 2- open dc
  13. Oooohhh my... i am really sorry.. I forgot the unlimited ammo... I fly continu whitout it but i used it 1 time for training... and i forgot that... Sorry, thanks Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-J610FN met Tapatalk
  14. Hey f4I0 ... in the f18 i feel nothing when i use guns. When i drop boms i feel the release but when i use guns nothing. I know in most planes i feel the guns and i like that. Is it a problem? Or is it a normal situation? Greetings Koen Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-J610FN met Tapatalk
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