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  1. Since 2.7 everything has gone haywire in such a way that I had to remove and reinstall DCS. I'm slowly rebuilding everything from scratch. I've saved the config/input folder and have most of my flight bindings back to where they were. However, I had cockpit free look bound to one of my mouse side buttons, and zoom set to the mouse wheel. These seem to have stopped working and I can't find the binding for either. Left Alt - C seems to have been defaulted to "clickable cockpit on/off", but all that does is turn off the cursor. I can't look around with mou
  2. May I please ask how you got it working? Mine isn't showing up either dmatsch - update: I completely removed and reinstalled DCS. Everything was going haywire with the update.
  3. try setting the AAA to ROA all, "red" alert state, and Engage AIr Weapons "on"
  4. silly question, but doesn't military-grade cover smoke also block IR?
  5. my mistake. sorry. Rudel, I'd like to thank you for your work on these templates all these years. They're fantastic and help out mission building greatly.
  6. I just found a link to this in another thread. Also expressing interest in seeing this. Having to hunt all around the forums is a pain.
  7. Thanks for your replies. Depth of Field it was. why is it that maxing out the setting in DCS results in worse graphics than not?
  8. I hear the "easy" button will be installed next tuesday.
  9. sure thing. attached. sorry for the delay. Did you need the NVIDIA control panel settings, or the DCS video settings? dcs.log
  10. I've got a RTX2080ti, so it's not card or drivers. I've been noticing a lot of blocky artefacts on the textures. The screenshot shows this around the coastlines, however I see it on aircraft textures as well. is this something in settings that I'm missing?
  11. much appreciated. It's a pain rebuilding this install!
  12. I lost an HDD recently and am working from scratch reinstalling all things DCS. One thing I lost, though was my list/directory of currently (as of Would someone please kindly share theirs? I can't work on any ME missions until I get everything back to the way it was, or DCS will corrupt the save file, killing existing missions (and long, hard work). Thank you all in advance.
  13. wait, what? We paid for this module! What do you mean it's never going to get completed?
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