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  1. Focus in one target, if you are capable to take off and kill a SA15 and come back home , that's mission success !!! typically fighter's only have one roll , if you are SEAD that's you mission, if you are cap, then you look and fight other jets....shoot you mavs and get hell out there..lol
  2. So once ECM xmt activate the AA radar goes to standby mode??? Sorry mi ignorance!!!!
  3. Hello, after several HT configurations 900-100-1500- I fell that the damage to a group of vehicles is not enough considering the potential of this weapon .(3 out of 6 destroyed ).Or at least is what I think, can someone clarify any information of what will be the damage to a group of 6 T80 ..relative close each others...like 100 ft away from each others..??? Thank you
  4. It works for me !!!! when no using atrk or ptrk just the NWSS after using atrk or ptrk use VVSLV ..it works with jdams/mav/GUB/AGM154...:thumbup:
  5. going to give a try ..hope I dont have to ask more dummy questions..lol :thumbup:
  6. and how that works?...whats the control to calibrate ?
  7. I asked the same question ...no responses :music_whistling:
  8. Any idea whats the gray option for on the TGP? ..literately is not doing anything !!!!
  9. whats the gray option on the TGP for?
  10. yeah now when in PTRK after lock anywhere in a area we can move the cross + and point to any movers /depress /and the maverick will follow the target moving , not the TGP , however we can see the seeker following...after weapon release , we loose track with mav seeker , however it will hit the target..sooo weird!!!
  11. whats the gray option for ? on tgp? PTRK is not working anymore? ..en espanol puedes responder!!!
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