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  1. Ok, got it to work. Deleted existing FARP objects including UH1. Relocated FAPR to another suitable position. Added the required object: FARP, FARP support vheciles, FARP structures and then UH-1 and now it works. Although the FARP was referenced as "LONDON" by default, this is not the callsign I saw in the ATC menu. Anyone knows if this is correct ?
  2. Hi guys, The last couple of days I have been looking into how to make a functional FARP (Western) with the UH-1 in NTTR. I have gone through some videos, followed their instructions to the letter but no joy. Also read the manual and have put in the required units, but no joy. What do I get ? 1) I am able to go into the REARM menu and load and can select the weapons for that pylon. However, Ground Crew never replies with COPY. (I am in the UH1 on INTERCOM to talk with ground crew).Same for refueling So I went back to Nellis AFB. When you enter the co
  3. Hi, Would it be possible to enlighten us what is currently worked on, and maybe roadmap update of the F16. Because recent patches and weekend newsletter don't mention anything if I recall correclty. I understand that all the love goes to the A10 II and.....wait....that's a lie, I don't.
  4. I have noticed this too...seems to have started after last patch as before I did not see this. Although must say that I am having scattered clouds now, not sure if that impact the WPN's view in any way.
  5. Well, would love to see the EA-6 Intruder introduced to DCS as a high fidelity model, where AI can be modeled like JESTER with the F14 or another pilot. ECW should also be availlable then. Would perfectly match vietnam F4, F14, mig21 era as well as more modern theaters like middle east campaign (gulf wars) as it was still used there.
  6. Yep;, same thing for me. Anyway sorry for the late reaction (work) but I did attach the mission file as requested above SYRIA - QT.miz
  7. yepm I created the mission in ME with waypoints but when I run the mission I don't see them on the map. (F10)
  8. When I go into my slot for the F16 (Syria map), startup then go to the map F10, I do not get to see my waypoints on the map although all filters are on. However I cvan click on other aircraft and their waypoint do show up on the map. If anyone experienced this or has a link to a post, all info is welcome. (FYI:I do own combined arms)
  9. Did we had new info from ED about the OP's finding? If so, can we have some feedback pls? Is ED confirming this and/or doing the fix ? Tnx in advance for (any) information
  10. This is the mission where I have the issue with: see attachment (.miz file) WUPS_v0.8.1_Mission_190129.miz
  11. I tried saving the mission, even adding a new F16 but no difference...
  12. ok so I tried the .miz for stored alignment : OK - works Pos. SALT on DED , WP connected by line. I am guessing that you create this map after update right ?
  13. I had the drifting as well... SALT on DED is negative for kobuleti position 44. Waypoints are not connected by a line Alignment doesn't work = no distance read out at from my first WP in HUD (WP is 40 nm out) WHen I fly I then have a drift. This was a mission created a while ago like a week or 3 ago and is on our MP server. Also downloaded itand same behaviour in SP.< Whan I create a new map and use same position in kobuleti, SALT on DED says something like 150 ft (ie. positive alt instead of neg. one) and algiment goes OK with lines between wp. Could it be that a update broke the
  14. I too have issues with the alignment and negative alt as described above. Anyone knows a workaround ?
  15. Same here, but both cases: clean and loaded configuration (no TPOD)
  16. Ok, so I gave it a try. No matter how I set it up (like a slider as per your example or axis) the range of the RPM doesn't match the throttle as described in OP. However, I did notice somethinig: if I set it up the throttle seems to be OK in terms of its range.But as soon as I reached the afterburner detent the scale was off again. No matter if I tried to forc the detent in the settings or with a button ingame. Since afterburner is bugged right now (just a few % over 100) I think there is some offset error with the throttle and range for AB to kick in.
  17. I'll give it a try when I get home this evening and let you know. Thanks for the tip !
  18. I thought I did...same result as described in OP. A.lso tried the saturation.. I will confirm this tonight to be absolutely sure
  19. Can't recall if I had a default profile or not... but I delete the axis assignment and reassigned it to the throttle,. Unfortunately that didn't help. But good to see I am not alone.
  20. +1 same as above: F/A18 very clear .... F16 not
  21. Hi Everyone, Hope someone can help me with this: I have a full range on my throttle (TWCS) but when moving the throttle forward at around 3/4 of travel the engine is already at 100 %. So the last 1/4 there is no difference in power setting (all 100%). I was expecting the when throttle is all the way back, I have 0% power (or flight/ground idle) and full forward 100%. Afterburner workds OK. Anyone has tips (or experienceing the same issue) so that the travel of the throttle is (more) linear with power output ? Don't have the issue with the F18. Thanks for help or tip.
  22. In order to contact the tower I need to enter a FREQ into the UCF. What is the frequency ? Where can I find it ?
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