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  1. I thought some may find this interesting........ I think I may have posted this within the wrong subfolder for the Hind, my bad.
  2. I’m just a rotorhead, so I’m desperately waiting for the Hind to be released. In need of some stick time in something new
  3. I think the green bar relates to the fact you are playing in arcade mode and not simulated.
  4. I was on a server today and decided to take off from a mountain FARP. Outside temperature was -25c at an elevation of 9800 feet. I connected to ground power, turned on engine anti-ice, powered up the APU and waited for a few minutes. Engine spool up was really slow and only cranked to about 1700rpm, opened the fuel valve, but it did not ignite. I tried multiple ways, including not turning on de-icing, but to no avail. Is the elevation and temperature enough to inhibit an engine start, or am I missing something?
  5. I've been experiencing crashes for the first time in DCS, typically when exiting one server to then go and join another. I get the option to send a crash report to DCS but I'm unable to select the send option. I'm in VR so the crash notification is only visible when I remove my headset, but how do I select the send button as my cursor is not visible of the crash notification window.
  6. To put it simply for the non pilots, I’m sure most of you have a drivers license and drive a car regularly. Just take a moment and think about driving. All your actions are instinctive, based on experience and muscle memory. You feel the resistance in the car when you turn the wheel, change road surfaces, incline, wind, at the same time you subconsciously depress the accelerator to compensate. You don’t look at the steering wheel as you turn it, you don’t look where the gear stick is so you can manipulate it, you don’t look down at the pedal to see which one you are pressing and by how much, i
  7. Hmmmm, flying a gunship into harms way, with a cargo area full of munitions, sitting on top of a fuel cell. If we have any Russian aviators or any one with military experience in working with the hind, how long would it take a crew of two, to unpack boxes of rockets, attach warheads and insert them into the launches. I doubt loading ammunition for the cannon wouldn’t be feasible, for the same reason for the Cobra mini guns in Vietnam, it took too long. Soviet propaganda in its day was intimidating but sometimes comical, we were no different. The British Army Lynx would be portrayed a
  8. Has LTE been modelled or reported in the Mi8? The reason I ask is today in the SAR Server, I was returning with 11 pax, 3/4 fuel load. It was winter, -35 and I’m climbing through 3000m, at 120 knob, trying to keep the ground in view as a climbed up a mountain. At some point I lost sight of the ground and a tree loomed ahead, with more mountain behind it. I pulled in the remaining power and initiated a cyclic climb into IMC. Before I knew it, I had zeroed out on speed and I was still climbing at 3m per second. The heading indicator was rotating left, so I applied more right pedal, to the poi
  9. I quickly jumped into the Mi8 today just to see the new clouds in VR. Flying the left seat, the engineers instrument panel caught my eye. The left side of the panel has reflections in it, that move/ change with head movement. Is this new, or are my observation skills just crap LOL.
  10. Preordered, looking forward to this module.
  11. If your DCS Open beta is up to date with latest patch, then it should be fixed.
  12. Over the past week, the only multiplayer servers available are 3x 450 servers and on public server. All of which are the Caucasus map. The Syria map servers have completely disappeared. Is there something wrong with my settings or is there little interest in Australia? thanks
  13. I’d be surprised if the new modules will be released prior to the new DCS world upcoming update. But, I have no understand about software development, so I’m probably wrong. Either way, I’m going to be right though
  14. I will try to summarise the video, even though I don’t speak Russian. “ Me and my wingmen fly the Mi-24, sometimes my wingman is on the left or on the right, but either way, if you are not flying a white flag, we are going to f*** you up” ..........
  15. Flew this mission today and completed it on the first go. Everything ran smoothly. Thanks for fixing it
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