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  1. *that there might be more clear picture of how this will be before the end of 2020; also, rona.
  2. The news usually get pinned there exactly because of that. And yes, there are people who are irate. But why are they mad about MiG-23 is beyond me
  3. It's not a way to get information, because the team is focusing on other things. And these "random posing fanboys" are the actual future customers. Also, in case you don't understand how work works, there is certain time of the day when a person works, this is called a shift. And you know what people do when they come back from their work? They do whatever they want. Like checking out discord If something is not being offered at this moment, you cannot be a customer and noone is obliged to treat you as such. Easy as.
  4. So, how about them high-vis missiles? As in, choice of bright white 9G/H/L, 7E-4/F and 54A?
  5. Not sure what you're on about, Hornet has fowlers as well...
  6. Love the radar talk :) To put it into reality: ML/MLA's radar emits 40 kW peak (70kW is for M/MF) return cut-off is roughly 10^-9 W (-8 for M) - the cut-off also varies with altitude If F-16's radar emits 16kW with only slightly less range, this means it's more sensitive. But this more/less sensitive in the end does not matter. What matters is the end result, that being range. Where they are more or less equal, with slight advantage when it comes to the ML. But here's the catch - electronic warfare exists. And more powerful radar is always an advantage. Until you get down low,
  7. F-15A all the way ~ your cold war gang
  8. As for the fixed net, that is just one of three variants used on the sight unit throughout its production. This one being the mid production. Late production is what we see currently.
  9. Well - DCS is made for fully computerized radar systems ala F-15C, MiG-29 etc. The semi-computerized stuff from MiG-21 or 19, or the plain uncomputerized CRT output on the Tiger... most of it would have to be done from scratch to be actually realistic.
  10. yea, you could put 6x500 under the fuselage, but apparently the airframe would suffer greatly => not used in practice
  11. Yes. The radar dish of the RP-5 is rather small and rotates in one direction; RP-21/22 dish has to stop after each sweep (also move up/down into its line). As for entering service, original P should be in second half of 1950s; the PT upgrade (added pair of pylons to launch R-3S) was carried out in second half of 1960s to my knowledge.
  12. Yes and no. MiG-21S still did not have a gun just like P, PF and PFM - but it had, just like the PFM, a gunpod. MiG-21 bis in DCS does have a gyroscopic gunsight with automated range input. The reason why P PF and PFM did not have a gun was not because of some stupid "who would ever need a gun", but rather because there was nowhere to put it because of the radar. Hence why the GSh-23 was first installed in a gunpod (on the PFM and S) and later in a small dorsal housing. MiG-25 of course had a PKI sight, just like the aforementioned "gun-less" fighters; no clue where you heard other
  13. That in fact is not a theory. It's just misrepresented. GCI is the prefered method, as it allows the MiG's to sneak in on the enemy and perform a sudden ambush; not because the migs would be blind otherwise. It's also not PVO-thing only; the front-line aviation would also use GCI preferably until merge. One thing to keep in mind with that is that real GCI doesn't only work in the Target-BRA mode, as in DCS, but also, let's call it, Intercept-BRA, where the GCI guides you to a position best suited for attack, while keeping you hidden from the enemy radars - because notching exists. And
  14. I am a simple man. (But it looks better on the Phantom)
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