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  1. Just sent this to Cubesim. Hi Cubesim, If you have already begun the "Packing and the Shipping" where is my Tracking number?
  2. Hi SilentSierra, Here is my email which I sent to Cubesim "Hi Garfiled, I really would like a replacement Monitor before Christmas. I am not very happy with the service that I have received from you . You made me wait for many months and did not fulfil your promise of delivery on the original order so I requested a refund. You then contacted me again and told me that you can fulfil the original order which you were late again on the promised delivery date. I finally received the order then within a month one of the monitors stopped working. I was promised a new monitor to be sent out but you claim there will be a delay. If you cannot replace my monitor then I will send your equipment back and request a refund from Paypal as I really do not have the time to be messed around by cubesim as I no longer have faith in your product. Let me know if you can fulfil your promise of my replacement monitor arriving in December if not I will request a refund from Paypal And here is the reply which I received from Cubesim Don't worry, we have already started packing and shipping, because COVID-19 came back some time ago and we stayed at home for two weeks, so the shipping time was delayed. Best regards! Garfield.Zhou From CUBESIM
  3. I went for the TM TPR quiet easy to use and it functions more natural than the "skating feeling" like the others.
  4. Oxman, I appreciate the update and the information that you have supplied very helpful. Glad you made the switch, wish I new about that new site before. Better service verse terrible service it's a no brainier.
  5. Cheers, so I take it you only powered up the monitors not the outer buttons? Looks like he has created his own out Cougar screens- how do they compare to the original TM version?
  6. Oxman, You got any more snaps of the out puts and the back side/side view as the images are not too clear on the Website.
  7. Yeah looks that way. One of my screens has packed up and I still don't know when he will send out a replacement not sure where i stand now.
  8. Excellent and you got them soooo quick. Puts Cubesim to shame.
  9. Oxman that is fantastic sound very good service. Please post some pictures. Rapid
  10. Thanks for clearing that up Oxman. I have seen this site and I think I got confused as I thought it was another outlet for Cubesim. Wish I had spoken to you before as his kit looks a lot better.
  11. I did notice a "difference" cheers guys.
  12. Hey Oxman, So you are sending the Cubsims back and going with the Winwor screens. You mentioned them before but used a different spelling what are they do you have any links? Rapid
  13. rapid


    Cheers for that.
  14. Stuff me! What a bind, Well if you get the goods you could just pay him the money as it's going to cost you to send it back to him.
  15. Nothing wrong with saying ...no more orders untill such time to be fair. Then email people back and see if they still require the product when you can supply the goods.
  16. Lets see how long it takes to get my replacement monitor.
  17. Wow that's terrible. wish I never dealt with the dude chances of me getting a replacement monitor this side of Christmas is going to be slim. wish I had kept my money now.
  18. I'm hoping it's because you live on the wrong side of the Pond that your shipping number hasn't been populated yet. Hope it turns up soon.
  19. rapid


    Cool, glad they stuck to their original mock up design pictures below. I have the VPC#2 well crafted piece of kit very solid with firm button presses.
  20. This is correct mine took a few days to show on the FedEx site too.
  21. rapid


    Looks like it's >>>>>> Now Released
  22. Finally got mine but one screen stopped working also got burnt on the import tax too. Check out this Link for drivers. Rapid
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