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  1. When I placed my order I had no contact from the company then it just arrived after a few weeks.
  2. I would go for the 1TB but if you can go for the 2 TB.
  3. So didn't go with a bigger Hard Drive I see.
  4. Will be interesting to see how ED works out the pilot and co-pilot / gunner for single player mode as no doubt they will implement a co-op mode.
  5. Nice post sir. How did your switch break in the first place was it just normal wear and tear ?
  6. Are you using the games options to apply your settings?
  7. Stuff Me! Seems that the update changed some of my settings. I must have missed that one. Many thanks for pointing out the error on my side Flappie. Rapid
  8. All I can say is YESSSSSSS. Not sure how long it will take before it's finally released but it will be a waiting game for sure. I for one cannot wait, many like myself have posted on this thread that you cut your teeth on Longbow2 (1997)and got the Chopper bug. Longbow2 was good for it's time including the graphics. In today's standards it wouldn't come close visually but here's the crunch....the game play, campaign and even "Bitching Mary" has yet to be matched by anybody. You actually felt part of the war effort this is how immersive the game was.
  9. Hi, Since the newest update to DCS World . The lettering around the UFC and the AAP is now out of focus and blurry. Infact all the lettering looks the same around the cockpit. Noticed on the A-10c ll Rapid
  10. Cheers but I am waiting for the release of the b-fighter M:thumbup: I posted a link to the sneak video above
  11. Great news well done:thumbup:
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