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  1. I would say what ever card you can get first will do due to the currant climate!
  2. This is what I use I use this one
  3. This is what I use for mine What I use
  4. Yes it will, you will have to re-join the queue which sucks.
  5. I cancelled the covers as they told me that it would be too expensive for them to send them out! Wished they had fulfilled my order with the CP#2! I have had confirmation that the order has now been cancelled. My CP#2 has arrived and very happy with it.
  6. I do not have a stick Virpil stick only CP#2
  7. Correct it's manual untill they make a plug in from the game. I believe that they are working on some new software to enable this. But for the mean time I have mine set that when in the up position the LED's are Red and when the Landing gears are deployed the LED's turn Green so I'm happy with this.
  8. Nice one guys appreciate the help.
  9. Hi, I placed two orders from Virpil they sent the main order but didn't send the covers. Now they cannot send them because of the low cost to post them out fair do's some EU stuff. Soooo question....is..... is there any other place I could get some covers from ?
  10. Anyone made a proper comparison between the WartHog Base and the Orion Base? Must be from someone who has had both.
  11. Glad you got it sorted and taking the time to post the answer.
  12. Hi Guys, pop over to the Virpil forum looks like Insugus has found a a solution. https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/3448-changing-the-led-status-for-the-landing-gear-on-cp2
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