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  1. Thank a lot funkyfranky very usefull stuff!
  2. I'm learning the various bombing modes the Viggen can use and really like the "all in attitude" of a plane build around the idea of hitting strong and fast. While I play in MP i often feel the need to use a different way to engage targets that are scattered around and not worth of 1600kg of bombs. Ence I got two questions - which is the best bombing mode to engage targets of opporunity? - is there a way to release a limited quantity of bombs instead of the full load while doing a bombing run?
  3. Hi Buzzu, like many complex things one has to learn, the secret is to divide complex stuff in multiple blocks . Chuck did an excellent guide that can make you combat ready without the need to go deep in every subsystem. Also one big plus of the a10c is that stuff happens at slow pace so after you learn the basics its a relaxing craft to fly
  4. Mattebubben, changing direction to target might work and i'll try that. Still wasnt Viggen a strike craft intended to operate in pre planned attacks while flying on a given route as low and as fast as possible? I feel flying the Viggen a really interesting experience but i always lack decent situational awarnes due how rwr works ( when multiple radar are painting you its a mess). I
  5. Same here, doesn't matter how fast i fly, those shilkas take me down all the time. Loaded the mission in mission editor and found that all AAA are set on average skill, ence it's just my lack of SA while flying the Viggen.
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