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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, I've just gone with Leobodnar boards as it will only require two either side for the panels. Nearly finished marking the TCN panel and the canopy controls to finish the pit completely!
  2. Sadly this no longer seems to work, it did the job for about 4 restarts until it jumbled up all the id's and I'm back to square one. Hopefully there is a way out there to get this sorted before I have to buy a bunch of LeoBodnar boards which will take months and I will have to rewire the entire thing.
  3. I must admit, as a VR user this is something I often forget. I find it so much easier to simply glance at the gauges out of my peripheral, like Victory mentioned, to know all I need. I actually find it easier than in the Hornet or Viper where I find myself getting sensor overloaded by the HUD shoving every last drop of information into such a small space. Whereas I find the Tomcats HUD to be perfect, it displays everything you need to know in each mode while giving you a pretty good Field of Regard out over the nose. If people already complain about the lack of vision on a monitor out the fron
  4. Thank you so much! This appears to have worked so far! Though the only hiccup I'm having is it only allows for 16 devices when I have 23, so I'll continue to work on flashing the others!
  5. Yeah I honestly could not recommend it enough to people, tired of hearing the usual crap people throw at winwing for their quality because they're Chinese. Best throttle on the market for sure!
  6. It's been said, it'll be said again soon I'm sure. But cheers mate for the bloody wonderful insights, I reckon it'd be a strange environment for the real deal to be apart of, considering how many false intellects and internet SME's flood any flight sim forums throwing absolute conjecture around mudding the waters of reality and fiction. I think that the passion we simmers have for sims is a fine line between confusing our virtual experiences with that of real ones.
  7. I cannot fly without SS, I love it! Though is anyone else finding that the F-14 just doesn't like to comply and often either crashes or reverts to using just the sounds as vibrations so you can feel jester and switches?
  8. Here are some more pictures for you! The curtain handles are made from easy hookers that are attached to two heavy springs that activate a switch when pulled and then return to neutral immediately, this also goes for the lower handle.
  9. Greetings all, after nearly a years worth of work and many late after work hours my pit is nearly finished, though naturally problems have arisen right before takeoff. I have wired all my panels to arcade gamepad encoder boards which are far simpler than arduino boards. after spending an hour binding everything they all work perfectly and it's an amazing experience in VR. The problem comes from when I restart my PC, all my bindings are mixed up in DCS, despite saving and loading the control profile that had worked flawlessly. https://i.imgur.com/9HzFLni.jpg https://i.imgur.com/wvNQS
  10. I could honestly not suggest this grip, as sadly compared to other Virpil products they have not maintained the same quality control. I am on my third V.F.X. which itself has broken and I'm not going to get a fourth. I have not gotten a weapon selector depress that has lated more than a week, I have also had the DLC wheel become stuck and unfixable twice as the spring has dislodge itself on both occasions with minimal use.
  11. Sadly I’m not using arduinos for my panels so not possible
  12. Crazy to think march really isn't far off, we're going to have to see a heap of content being added very soon!
  13. Awesome! Can you guys please look into the MTS? It’d really complete my simpit if I could actually use it for a full cold/dark!
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