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  1. This basically also renders all of my Backfire V CVBG missions useless as the AI will try and close to sparrow range, but burn all their fuel before they get there and eject. This is despite having limit afterburner use selected, boy is the AI in DCS some of the worst and most game ruining out there.
  2. I wouldn't mind if we had the pilot look as cool as this.
  3. I did a 4.5 hour sortie on the 104th about two months ago with multiple refuelling's and didn't notice any degrade whatsoever to the SAS or any flight control for that matter. Orbited one CAP station for 1.5 hours with autopilot on the entire time and it didn't falter at all, thought this has been my only experience with a 2.5+ hour flight in the Tomcat, so purely anecdotal.
  4. Oh now we're talking! You really are the man aren't you 8! Wish we could also place munitions on statics ------------------------
  5. I like it mate! The Tomcat never hurts with some colour!
  6. It is interesting to also note though, that Slammer Richardson said he thought the non DFCS A/B were better pure BFM aircraft over the D.
  7. Got 3 more squadrons coming, this time NE birds. VMA (WA) 121 NE 401-415 1987-89, VA-145 NE 500-13 1987 and VA-145 NE 500-13 1989-93:
  8. VF-1: Wichita, VF-2: Bullet, VF-11: Ripper, VF-14: Camelot, VF-21: Lance, VF-24: Rage, VF-31: Tomcat, VF-32: Gypsy, VF-33: Tarbox, VF-41: Fast Eagle, VF-51: Eagle, VF-74: Devil, VF-84: Victory, VF-101: Gunfighter, VF-102: Diamond, VF-103: Clubleaf, VF-111: Sundowner, VF-114: Aardvark, VF-124: Gunslinger, VF-142: Dakota, VF-143: Dog, VF-154: Knight, VF-211: Nickle, VF-213: Black Lion. These are the callsigns for all frontline squadrons.
  9. I feel your pain, has happened to me twice with PS on my MacBook which is where I do all my skinning, lost 5 DS Sluggers and 5 Be-Devilers skins that were ready to go with complete and individual weathering on each bird.
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