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  1. Thanks! That really helped and commands are now working!!! :) Can you please just confirm that part of the command in which you define angels, you are able to command only in 5000 ft difference? Like angels, 5000, 10.000, 15.000, 20.000, 25.000 etc?
  2. Hi, I have enabled VSPX processing and Extended Command Set and even though I don't have problem with other commands, the only that bugs me is: Scan Sector, Angels [0..70] at/for [0..150] The last one from the Radar Operations section of the manual for RIO commands. Whatever I say it doesn't work. When I took a look at the command phrases list, I couldn't find anything like that. I have 1021 keywords (in Edit tab). Bascially I cannot order him to scan exact range/angels when AWACS warns me about some bogeys.
  3. Well, that was a nasty surprise yesterday online when I hit merge with F-5... it felt like I had max bomb loadout on my pylons and one in my lap :huh: I had to go and check my axis, thought something was wrong with my stick :joystick: until I came here and saw other posting the same symptoms. Is this issue officially confirmed and on bug tracker and more importantly is it going to be fixed by next update?
  4. I just haven't found any usability or parallels with these tables and A-4E-C module.
  5. Diferrent weapon, diferrent values, so no... Snake Eyes are high drag weapons. You must test everthing by yourself on the bombing range and write down the values unfortunately. The table in my previous post is something that I've made to try to find similar values in the tables that I came across the internet but nothing really fits terefore I asked if the sight depression is being calibrated in the module at all as values in the DCS doesn't correspond to anyhing that I found by now.
  6. This is my quick and short notes on MK82 SnakeEyes practical employment. MILS = Sight depression angle Try it out (keep an eye on radar altimiter)
  7. The module is fantastic! It's a lot of fun and after some pause to the DCS it got me hooked again. I have trouble with figuring out the depression table values. Can someone confirm that the depression tables and actual sight is usable or I have to figure everything out in my own practice runs? I'm asking this because level bombing that I've tried didn't produce good results based on depression tables. On the other hand, when I did my own practice and took notes, I've managed to score hits easily but that is very tiresome to do for all the weapons and all profiles. Nevethless, thanks for thi
  8. Hi, is this still "In Progress" as I'm experiencing the same thing and it's May 2020 (I'm new to Hornet)? Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, can somebody share/re-upload the Red Flag Iron Hand Mission of the Week that Wags posted some time ago because on the original thread the link is now broken? Thanks in advance!
  10. Whoever is saying that this or that MiG-21bis cannot perform are forgetting one if not the most important thing about this module: Lead developer is actual MiG-21bis pilot in Serbian Airforce. Difficulties behind some decisions on what the DCS should and can have are something that we cannot know and it's not affecting only the latest jets in the DCS. Remember that MiG-21bis is still being flown in the world around today. Disregarding the secrecy behind actual FM, you still have one more difficulty to pass on to the simulation environment: stick movement that are incomparably large when compar
  11. I've recently bought F-14B module and I successfully employed other GBUs except for the GBU-24 which I just couldn't figure out why is missing the target until I came here and saw one of the older posts about this issue. I just wanted to know if this is resolved and if there is some specific procedure for employing this weapon when compared to its little brothers? Thanks!
  12. Great hint even though I haven't really noticed that second missile will automatically go to the second priority target.
  13. How can I ensure that I'm in TWS all the time? Can I order RIO from start to lockup target in TWS mode if I don't want STT? I'm asking this because STT will not alow me to further manage other targets. From the first answer above I would assume that after TWS lockup I don't have to do anything but to fire missiles one by one and the switching between targets will occur automatically? Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  14. Wow, this helped a lot! I've blocked the word reader and then recorder my pronounciation of radar and it works :)
  15. Hi, software and AIRIO plugin is amazing I must say and I can feel that VSPX is doing better job on recognizing my speech then anything that I used before. I'm still having issue with recognizing these specific RIO orders "Radar mode TWS", 'Radar mode RWS". My word Radar is recognized as "Reader" most of the time. Also I'm not really sure on how to order RIO to lockup target only by using TWS with AIRIO? Can someone help?
  16. Hi all... Can someone let me know how can I order Jester to lockon multiple targets in order to launch Phoenix missiles on each target (step by step)? Thanks everyone!
  17. Can someone confirm that the NVG is not really implemented? I can ask ground crew to mount NVG on the helmet but I cannot turn them on. I tried using helmet visor binding but that doesn't work.
  18. I would like to correct my previous statements, just not to confuse other people. It doesn't have to do with reference button as it seems that I've tried too many thing in the same time. Correct procedure to insert a cartridge with pre-programmed RB-15, even in middle of the flight is: 1. Main mode to BER (essential for loading the cartridge for not messing up navigation computer) 2. Select CombatFlite cartridge 3. Insert the cartridge 4. Data panel mode: REF/LOLA 5. Input 6. 9099 (on the keypad) 7. Ls (confirm-load cartridge) 8. Output 9. Data panel mode: AKT/POS 10. Weapon select
  19. Hi, Viper39 OK, after some further testings it seems that you need to hit reference button when you load the cartridge and then everything will be fine. The height will be read and showed correctly on the HUD alongside with the missile deployment. I've managed to create simple mission in ME with Viggen (without waypoints) and ELENYA tanker. I've uploaded the cartridge that contained all waypoints for me and for the missile, hit reference button which is being used like in Mirage to correct your position in the navigation computer and the red light is gone and I could successfully deploy the
  20. Hi Viper39, thank you for your time. Maybe by comparing autogenerated vs custom CombatFlite cartridges can provide the answer. Waypoints do look little a bit differently defined when you compare them. In the attachment you can find two (unrelated) cartridges, one autogen and the other is CombatFlite. EDIT> I'm also adding screenshot of the Kneepad (DCS) which shows that altitudes are all 0 when CombatFlite cartridge is loaded. The HUD also show this (vertical bars are below horizon line and they will be even when I'm flying 2ft from the sea surface). CombatFlite kneepad pages are show
  21. Hi Viper39, have you tried to recreate the issue?
  22. Just to add one more thing... I've also tried with ramp cold start and insert the cartridge, again it is the same except the altitude on all waypoints is 500m AGL. Not really sure if it has to do with needed parameters for the launch of the missle. Maybe I'm doing something wrong from the beginning on the CombatFlite... I've tried to use Reference points and also DMPI ref. points for Bx... when I click to export the cartridge I'm mapping each one of the 4 Bx point to reference points and it looks ok but when I'm in flight it seems that something is missing. I've uploaded the CombatFlite fi
  23. Viggen RB-15 Hi everyone, I wanted to check if I'm doing something wrong. Namely, I've created several turn points, one target point and 4 Bx points for RB-15. I saved cartridge file in the proper folder and I've created a mission in mission editor to be used in conjuction with this cartridge. I'm starting in the air and I'm loading the cartrdige after which I see all the waypoints correctly alongside with programmed Bx waypoints for RB-15. The only problem is that the red altitude warning lamp is constantly on and I cannot launch the weapon as it for some reason does not meet some param
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