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  1. @LeCuvier : could you please make a mod for all the relevant switches ? Gear, Laser, Helmet sight, gunrate and ammotype ? that would be realy nice and helpfull
  2. Thats what i mean ! Is it so hard to simulate those microswitches ? Here is an example showing MI24 trim, worth noting it's on the ground while demonstrating. This pilot uses the click-and-hold method (also shows the collective brake, and how that works): You are spreading misinformation ! 1.) You are not only show a video from a different helicopter , no ..... its also a complete different brand! 2.) This Video dont show this helicopter flying, it shows only a guy mesing arround with the cyclic and trimm button while he is sitt
  3. U dont understand me shark.... holding down the trimmer works fine for me. but in the real shark it is not realistic. there is no overreaction from the autopilot. in the cyclicstick ar 2 sensors installed. they will switch autopilot in standby when the stick is pushed away from the trimmed possition (till the stick is centered again). have u watched the 2 videos ?
  4. @Ranma13@Sh4rk I know how the trimm is working in DCS and i have no Problem to fly and trimm. But it is not realistic how it works in DCS. that is my point.
  5. Im sorry, i mean the tutorial from eagle dynamics: Especialy After 5th Minute : that its Not meaned to hold down the trimmerbutton After BS2 there were changing some things wrong. and you can clearly hear, in this reallive footage he is tabbing the trimmer and you dont see any overreaction from the autopilot.
  6. That is the new manual. I told you about the original manual. In this Video you can hear that the trimbutton is tapped.
  7. It was written in the original documentation from the DCS Blackshark. That tap trimming is the Common way to fly the ka-50. Holding down this Button is not supposed. The Autopilot is Designed to help. Not to make , to Fight against you. I m realy good at flying this helo, but i dont like it, that i have to do it in an unrealistic way. And you will tell me now, that you read the whole forum to ask me now where my forum post is? Really?
  8. So when we will get those microswitches simulated ? Cant be so hard to programm it,that the AP is Switch off when the Stick is moved out of center. And Holding the trimbutton pressed, IS unrealistic !
  9. be happy that razbam dont announced it. dont want a next module that Will Never finished.
  10. You are a dreamer! Be realistic ... you Talking about razbam
  11. Its supposed to be done in flight. But razbam dont get it to work.....
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