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  1. Indeed a lot of work went into the BVFG pack all credits to them. If a dev takes the project on it would be great too see where they would take it some more ground units wont go amiss CA Module owners ;) In due time it will grab the Attention of ED. With progress moving as it is it would be unfair to leave us in the dark ages.
  2. Not as yet but I have viewed them It would be great to see something along the lines of HMS Invincible or Arc Royal developed by ED but I suppose we shall have to wait patiently as we did for the Hornet.
  3. As the new engine looms on the horizon Along with the other amazing things ED are bringing to the table it would be complimentary to Update the British Naval assets. The only vehicle usable by the fraction is an armed speedboat. Curiously is there anything in development as i recall the New year Email from Eagle dynamics stated new Aircraft carriers are on there way I hope the developers can do Naval assets for the British fleet some justice. :( Lomac
  4. Hi all Following the Oil Campaign release for the Mi-8MTV2 prompted the idea of a Game mode that Mirrors the structure of the FSEconomy. Could it be possible to implement this for the current (Or future) build of DCS W?. The usable aircraft are slightly limited as all are predominantly military but the helicopters offer a Start to something that the community may favour. FSE link for more infomation below: http://server.fseconomy.net/ Lomac-productions.:)
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