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  1. This drives me crazy. Can we push them again to let us use the English cockpit mod?
  2. Send me the script and ED or whoever may use my voice in a/the training video(s). It's hard for some of us to read the writing in the videos and we count of the spoken word to get us through these. English speakers make up a big section of the customers here. Everything should be available in English. And please, please no more English with the thick French accent like the Mirage training videos. Why in the world would they even think this would help us get through the training easier than a native speaker of English?
  3. Guys, is there anything I can do to increase the background color of the projected VTB screen? I can't see it during the day. Is there some way to darken the transparency using a lua file?
  4. just use the "B" key. It will open and close the air brakes. this is the same with "g" key for gear, "L" for cockpit lights, etc...
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lo0672304jf30zn/DCS_L-39C_Flight_Manual_EN.pdf?dl=0 not working
  6. Guys in the US, I'm selling my brand new Warthog stick. $200. see: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=191830
  7. I needed a stick with a rudder axis. I can't use pedals and have limited use of my left hand.
  8. PRICE REDUCED TO $200 USD Thrustmaster HOTAS A-10C Warthog Flight Stick - $200 USD Peeps in the U.S., I'm selling my Thrustmaster HOTAS A-10C Warthog Flight Stick. I now have a system, which better suits my unique situation. It's less than 2 months old and I used it for about 2 hours total. **Warthog Throttle not included.
  9. I unplugged Track IR, throttle and stick. All keyboard keys worked this time. I went back out and "uncombined" my 16000 and throttle. I Deleted all the TM files then downloaded everything over. I plugged in the throttle and stick w/o running anything from TM. I opened DCS, A10C controls and made sure it recognized the stick and throttle individually, which it did. I opened A10C and nothing worked, as before. I backed out of the A10C and switched to the su-33 with no issues at all.
  10. I've used my keyboard, additional assignments with it and voice attack for all the FC3 planes without incident for the 4 or so months I've been playing DCS. In that time, everything has worked without incident. Also, I use the set up with the Mi-8 with the same result. I use a TM 16000 stick and throttle w/o pedals. I just bought the A-10C mod in this Summer sale we had 2 weeks ago. The one thing I did change for just 1 day was using a Warthog stick with DCS instead of my TM 16000. I use it for about 2 hours and I'm pretty sure I just played the Su-33 with it because it doesn't have a rudd
  11. Pied, I have a TM16000 stick and throttle combo. I use Voice attack with most of my FC planes. I just bought the A-10C and use the A-10C Sim controls. For actions/commands without an already assigned keyboard push/input I've added one, which wasn't used by something else. For example, to turn the battery switch on I assigned LCtrl + H. However, that won't turn the power switch on via Voice Attack. Pressing LCtrl + H on the keyboard won't even turn it on. Some things do work, however. Saying F1 puts me in the cockpit. I've read all the way through from the OP and do have TARGET but you guys
  12. Newegg prices are always more compared Amazon, I've observed.
  13. Zeus, what is that panel with the blue colour on the far right?
  14. Just so peeps know, Gaz was trying to open the pics I sent back to him with Adobe and not a Picture program/viewer (Paint, etc..).
  15. Did they ever fix this? Saving by column is ridiculous.
  16. I sent it back and the pages came out well, I think.
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