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  1. Missing PLAT Cam I have three monitors and also no PLAT Cam view. All screens on the LSO station are black and lifeless. MonitorSetup.zip
  2. Hi Users. My Radio menu disappears before I can move the mouse to click on it. Does anyone know how to extend the menu timing or what controls this? Thanks
  3. Yeah 2 users (including myself) in the ACT have the issue as well. Still grappling with iinet support. Convinced them at last that the issue is on their network. Expected to get to network engineers tomorrow 14/6/19. Cheers
  4. Hi Gents - I can't connect to the DCS servers and can't browse to the https://digitalcombatsimulator.com/en sites. Any ideas? As a result I'm getting a message "DCS Website not available at the moment". Multiplayer is down and my offline authorisation is ticking down. Please see attached logfile. I am stumped. Sorry to be a nuisance. Love the awesome sim. Stuart Adam dcs_log.txt
  5. Hi DCS I was getting a regular freeze in one of the missions since updating the DCS to Occurred a couple of minutes in to the mission and this was unusual as DCS was normally stable on my machine. I've ran the DCS repair and ensured my sound and video drivers were updated. I eventually paired back the simulation options and reduced the level of resources required to service the application. Have since run the mission a number of times with no problems and great visuals.
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