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  1. Hi, just to inform with today update, the mission is working again, thanks
  2. Sorry, my mistake, I was looking in the radio frequency preset instead the ILS preset
  3. question about the JF17 ILS, what about the case when the ILS frequency is not in the ILS channels table in the kneeboard? can overwrite this value like the radio frequency?
  4. Hi, one of my mission that my group uses since 2.5.6, is crashing in 2.7. The mission is crashing after few seconds after started, and the dcs.log is output some binary data. I tested the mission without the scripts and has the same results My friend tested in his computer and had the same crash The mission was ported to 2.7 using the "save as" This mission don't have any mods, just uses script (moose and IADS, updated to 2.7) Map: Persian Golf Other mission in Persian Golf runs fine dcs.log-20210418-151436_no_script.zip dcs.log-20210418-1510
  5. Very nice script, I have being using in my mission and work well with Moose A2ADispatcher. I have a question, is there a variable or a function that can check if one enemy aircraft is being detected and then I can trig a trigger action?
  6. In my case, we run in standard installation in my PC the multiplayer missions, no dedicated server
  7. Hello! I am a mission designer from my group and I don't own the SC. Whenever I setup the SC in my mission, with the F/A-18 or F-14 start from ramp in one of the SCs, e.g: Lincoln, my friends that own the SC and try to get in one of those slots, they start in the air. Am I missing something in the mission editor?
  8. My DCS is crashing when I try to run a mission that I recent created in Caucasos, other mission load fine, but this one is crashing in the end of the load screen. My Specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti CPU: Intel® Core i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM DCS on SSD 480GB KINGSTON dcs.log-20190120-112027.zip Caucasos War Zone.miz
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