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  1. I know the Air Tactical Assault Group (which hosts a server for a different sim) has a lively TeamSpeak server, and they even created a channel for DCS. Their TS info is below. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of people that use it for DCS (likely because people don't know about it), but what I found is that if I let people know in chat that I'm on TeamSpeak and provide the address/password, sometimes people join me. Maybe you can try it too. The Air Tactical Assault Group (ATAG): Address: Password: calais Like you, I'm a big proponent of using voice-chat for flight
  2. Nice! Has the Spitfire bug been fixed?
  3. No problem at all. Thank you for spending time to answer my question!
  4. LeCuvier, Your suggestion to try setting the ministick to "relative" is interesting. I looked in the Axis Tune panel in the controls, but couldn't find it. The only 3 check boxes I see are "Slider", "Invert", and "User Curve". I figured "Slider" might be what you are talking about but it didn't seem to be the case. Is there another way to set the ministick to relative?
  5. LeCuvier, Thank you for your response. Would you happen to know why the P-51 would be any different from the OP's plane or other controls he is trying to adjust sensitivities for? I'm struggling to understand why our cases may be so different. In any case, I will go ahead and try to set my settings to +/-0.01 and report back. Appreciate your spending time on this! I have the CH Pro Throttle, which doesn't have any secondary axis to use for the RPM control (I believe the ministick provides axis control, but it's not helpful for the RPM lever). I was trying to bind a couple of the butto
  6. Thanks, all. I ran the editor as administrator and I was able to save. Much thanks. I was trying to reset the button sensitivity for Engine RPM increase / decrease for the P-51. Unfortunately, I am now having another issue, similar to imacken. I changed the values to 0.1 and -0.1 for all the .lua files that had the engine rpm settings mapped (a couple files in the DCS Wold OpenBeta / Mods / aircdraft / P-51D / Input / P-51D / joystick, including "default.lua" and "Saitek X52 Flight Control System", which, by the way, I don't own so not sure why it's there). However, when I return to the
  7. Whenever I make the edit on the .lua file and try to save, I get an error message saying that I could not save the document because access to the file path is denied. I am the administrator of my computer account, so not sure what the issue is. Has anyone else come across this and know a fix?
  8. Sincere thanks to everyone who responded and offered insights. The discussion has been very helpful for me! Some of my key takeaways: Try to enter the attack with as much speed as possible Yaw tendency is normal; compensate with rudder or trim; that the aircraft is yawing becomes clear even when not looking at the "ball" since the gunsight moves to either left or right Try to cripple the enemy in the first pass (practice gunnery!) Look for the most energy efficient way to regain separation and altitude advantage (avoid high G maneuvers) P-51 can outrun a 109 in a shallow dive (per Sol
  9. Thanks for your note, cromhunt. I was actually not fighting with an AI controlled plane (the fight was in the Burning Skies server), but good to have this context. Thanks!
  10. Magic Zach, I was definitely behind his wingline. If memory serves me, I think I dove in from ~45 degrees behind his wingline and saddled up at his 6. Do you usually dive on your target head-on?
  11. Hello Aces, I’m a novice P-51 pilot who joined DCS World a couple weeks ago. I come from an IL-2:CloD background, and having a blast so far with DCS! I have a few questions about performing “boom and zoom” attacks using the P-51, as I believe I haven’t been executing them in the best manner in the last few days. The particular fight that prompted me to ask these questions took place last night. I was flying at about angels 18 and saw a 109 about 6k ft below me. I dove and made a pass without doing too much damage and “zoomed” back up. I looked behind me and the 109 was still behind and b
  12. tom_19d and Astor87, Didn't mean to offend either of you guys. I agree that spotting is not meant to be easy and it's part of the fun of playing in sim mode vs. "arcade." I actually had a better time spotting yesterday and I do agree that it's a skill that can be learned. Cheers, SharkBait
  13. There was a bit more action (~5 people online) last night US EST. It was fun flying with more pilots! Got my butt handed to me by itsukarine, too, who was flying a 109 (he was up at 25k+ ft with me...). Really looking forward to the weekend.
  14. Yes... Fortunately, it sounds like the developers are aware of the issue: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=199148
  15. Also, I'm a newcomer here as well and have been reading a few pages of this thread. Just want to say THANK YOU to Eekz for all that you're doing for this server!
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