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  1. I just cold started with no issues on the latest open beta. Could be an issue on your end.
  2. I'd also like to point out the pattern of impact n that video. Notice how its kind of spread and not a straight line laser like we currently have.
  3. Step 9 is the major change with JDAM's. Make sure you are holding the pickle button for that 1.5 seconds, or it will not come off the jet.
  4. For the point track it is dependent on what FOV you are in, how much zoom you are using and contrast of the vehicle. Select what you think looks the best, then toggle to point track and place your crosshair in front of the vehicle's path of travel. Once the vehicle passes through the crosshair, the point track should grab it and track the vehicle. If it does not acquire, adjust your zoom settings and/or switch camera and then try placing your crosshair in front of the vehicle once again. Rinse and repeat until you establish a track.
  5. Sounds like a miscommunication as its clearly not correct. What good is a North arrow that never points North?
  6. The North arrow in the TGP does not point North ever. The aircraft can be facing north while having the TGP in the boresight position and the TGP will be showing North in a completely different direction. Because of this, it is very difficult to figure out what direction stuff is when looking at it through the TGP.
  7. SSS depress twice in quick succession enabled TPOD control with the TDC.
  8. When entering UTM coordinates into the CAS page the system seems to convert the UTM into LAT LONG upon hitting the enter key on the UFC. The entered UTM coordinates in the scratch pad visually change to something different as Line 6 is populated on the MFCD. This inaccuracy makes the created Target points inaccurate for GPS weapons and also for target acquisition in general. Additionally. When creating a waypoint via the EHSD using UTM. The system does not allow the user to edit the elevation for the waypoint that you have created and the elevation it chooses does not m
  9. -28 to -30 in the special options seems to center the stick
  10. The lowest FM I have been able to get is 31.00. To do this, on your UFC scroll wheel to the channel you want to change the FREQ on (in my case it was M on radio 1) type 31 and hit enter. The freq should then be 31.00 FM
  11. Both radios work pretty flawlessly with SRS integration. You can change freq's, preset channels, modulation and crypto settings via the UFC and the ODU. There are also keybinds for radio 1 and 2 PTT to use the in game pop up radio menu's for non easy comms functions.
  12. Since the update alot of my control bindings are showing orange and no longer work. These include all the OSB pushbuttons, the fuel probe, countermeasure dispense, kneeboard page cycle and finally I am no longer able to bind my warthog pinky lever as a modifier as the Harrier doesn't register it for some reason, but it works flawlessly on all other modules.
  13. The way I posted is the only way I have managed to get a successful countermeasure reload after exhausting my starting loadout. If you try to rearm them by simply using the AN/ALE-39 menu you WILL NOT get a reload. I understand what Ironmike says should be the correct way to reload them, however right now that simply does not work and has not worked for all of 2020.
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