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  1. Oddly enough that doesn't seem to work for me: I noticed that option as well, but didn't see any difference with it on or off
  2. Well this update makes it once again painfully obvious how overdue PBR/DS updates for older modules are: the controls seem oiled, as does the floor, and under heavy cloud cover the cockpit is way too dark, and turning up the lighting does absolutely nothing to alleviate that. Case in point: the Mi-8 Syria free flight instant action mission.
  3. Indeed: I'm about to test if this also happens in helicopters, and if it does, if it's as noticable (less forward speed might cause them to want to "update their position" less often... If it's as bad as in my F-16, I won't fly until it's fixed for the reason you describe. *update* As suspected it's still noticable in helicopters but far less pronounced: you really need to look for it in order to see it. And perhaps it's just me, but it seems to scale with Visibility Distance as well: it's a bit less bad on Extreme. On the Caucasus map you can get away with that setting but
  4. Yep, but for me this doesn't just happen on distant clouds: they jump up and down everywhere.
  5. Yes indeed, in VR at least that's my experience as well.
  6. Hmm... I saw weird artifacts on ULTRA as well, especially on the edges where they intersect with terrain.
  7. I didn't see any performance impact on my machine that's due to clouds (I put them on ULTRA for now but DCS crashed before I could test the other presets _ I doubt you can tell the difference between ULTRA and HIGH or even STANDARD in VR anyway but it needs testing). I also turned on SSAO which looks incredible. The problem is though, as mentioned in the Known Issues, the entire cloud layer dances up and down (not just distant clouds but everywhere). This is incredibly annoying and I hope this will be fixed in the very short term...
  8. I was expecting those as well: AoA/G tuning was announced for 2.7.
  9. I use headphones for DCS's cockpit audio (warning sounds, voice from ATC, wingmen communications etc) and Voice Chat in multiplayer, and my normal 5.1 speaker setup (logitech Z5500 which is almost 20 years old by now) for the other sounds (engine etc). For DCS I agree onboard sound is good enough. For other games however (and music obviously), there still is a huge difference between onboard sound and a proper dedicated soundcard, especially in the range of the human voice. Some onboard sound chips come with decent enough software that rivals the software that comes with dedicated sound card
  10. Or add/subtract the amount of degrees offset to/from your intended heading. That seems to work pretty well for me...
  11. Yes you can: you can disable them in the options menu altogether, and in-game you can toggle the pilot body on and off on the fly.
  12. Even without using 3rd party shaders and such you can get beautiful results just by setting the time of day / weather to something different than noon/clear sky. The latter looks quite boring indeed, but DCS is quite beautiful in the "magic hours" of photography, and because of the new clouds this will only get better You'd be surprised how much lighting affects even the perceived quality of an old map such as Caucasus. That being said, I am one of those people who uses 3rd party terrain and even 3rd party trees (just for Caucasus), which especially for helicopter flying mak
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