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  1. I think it's fair to say they will come with 2.7. They initially announced we would get them with 2.6, then they said they'd skip 2.6 altogether and go straight to 2.7. That doesn't leave much room for misinterpretation, I'd say.
  2. I don't speak Russian Still I was able to make out the difference when the crew chief is saying "the cargo is swinging" and "cargo is stable". But just knowing that the cargo is swinging doesn't help if you can't tell how to correct it: you could make it worse by trying to "correct" it. That gives you a little appreciation for the developers who have to figure out bug reports and trying to reproduce it on their internal builds, I'd say. With so many different hardware and software configurations that can mess stuff up. I don't have an explanation for it e
  3. Indeed, I use the "comfort principle": spend money on things you spend the most of your time on. For me that's my motorcycle, my home cinema system, and DCS (aka my PC).
  4. She said "near future". That could mean a lot of things, and doesn't state they couldn't change their mind a few years down the road. Let's keep hoping ;-) The 2nd quote says "Yes, we are planning such a reorganization. There won't be an option without maps. It doesn't make sense, but we want to make a choice between the Caucasus and the Marianas." according to Deepl. It indeed doesn't make a lot of sense: which reorganisation? What choice? Why?
  5. No idea if it's accurate, but I set the tankers for fast jets in my missions at 20k-22k ft and M0.6.
  6. I'd love to see the Caucasus map properly redone from scratch at some point: that area lends itself too well for a flight sim (both fixed and rotary wing), and soon it will look and feel seriously outdated (compared to more recent maps). Even for today's standards the ground textures (especially rocks) are already seriously outdated.
  7. There are existing bugreports for slingloading heavy cargo. So let's hope we won't have to wait too long for a fix. Generally speaking for rope lenght I'd say the shortest you can get away with, but often in SP campaigns you'll have to make due with what the campaign designer set in the ME. For the Oilfield campaign the ropes are 25m iirc. Personally, for light loads I fly at 150kph but not faster. For heavy loads (such as the pipes and logs in said mission) I try to keep it slow: around 100 kph since I found that 120kph is the absolute limit or you'll get yourself
  8. That's probably one of the reasons ED will be making new effects for those. From the latest newsletter: [quote] Some of the new / improved visual effects in development for 2021 includes: Improved helicopter rotor wash over water and ground. Missile flame and smoke. Ground unit dust clouds. Trans-sonic shock cones. Fuel explosions. Weapon water splash. Further explosion improvements. Smoke grenades. [/quote]
  9. Over water you'll be fine, but have you looked at the detail at the islands themselves? That will be a stutter-fest if you're out of VRAM.
  10. Because of politics: ED is a Russian company, and there has been some "action" recently in that area.
  11. I fly DCS in VR with a Reverb G2, and can confirm you'll want more than 10GB of VRAM if you want to keep Terrain Textures on HIGH, especially in The Channel and Syria, and probably in the upcoming Marianas as well.
  12. Yes that also happened to me, and because there is no feedback in the helicopter itself you can't correct the swinging. I tried a few times before I simply gave up and ended the mission with 50% progress. The campaign still progressed though, so that's something at least...
  13. Still, it seemed to work despite the presence of those trees. I imagine most people would be discouraged though and not try to land there, so it is something that should be fixed.
  14. Well, that's not what it looked like to me: if I hadn't known where to look I'd have completely missed it. I only noticed a few white specks in-between the trees and tried as best as I could to avoid large trees while landing.
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