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  1. This did nothing for my FPS on the latest update (20. feb 2020.) (Yes I followed the instructions.) PS: Wayan, i got the same. But then when i chose a different slot it was there all of a sudden.
  2. Kegety, can you make a IC-pass version? Like the iteration linked to in the description here: (Which is good, I just don’t know if I dare use it now with 2.5.6.
  3. The module's be out for a while, and I've been eagerly awaiting the possibility as a client to rearm and refuel on roadbases. Is there any focus on this? :) Any ETA?
  4. Here's some quality tips! Here are some guidelines I've made, so that you don't waste your own or other's time when you're entering the world of online DCS flight simming. :helpsmilie: Find a squadron/group that: :book: - has the same level of dedication as you do. If you're into casual ace combat style gaming, join a group with like-minded. If you're into next to real life simulation, with alot of dedication, training and preplanning, join a group with that mindset. - shares the workload. Running a (hardcore simulation) squadron requires alot of work. You have mission making, trainin
  5. Hi! Check my first post, I've edited with some general guidelines on how to chose a community that suits you well. In short: Think about what you want, be open about your needs, find a community where the workload is shared, and contribute to the community. I can not advocate for one particular DCS community at this time, as I'm no longer part of one due to long term RL commitments. But please read up on my advice if you're considering joining a good community for you. It's well worth the read if you're new to online flight simming with DCS. Thanks guys! :) Burnhard
  6. Hi! Looking for Momentary - Held - Held ON - OFF - ON switches. (As found on i.e. the throttle of the A10C - MOTOR ENG OPER switches.) Can you help me find these switches in Europe or in Asia? http://www.surpluscenter.com/Electrical/Switches/Toggle-Switches/DPDT-CO-20-Amp-Momentary-Maintained-Toggle-Switch-11-3279.axd Not too expesive here, but I'm searching for an alternative store with lower shipping costs.
  7. Sommehow, idk why, the OR is absolutely clearest in the A10C. Much more than in the Viggen for comparison. Idk why. Just make sure you crank up pixel render amount to 1.5 or more. Makes a world of difference.
  8. If you're still on the lookout; we have a Viggen sqn up and running. You could apply at TAW.net and check out tawdcs.org :) We're quite a few though. But that's a good thing imo as there's always someone ready for some casual or serious Viggen flying. We do require 1-2 attendances a week though.
  9. Yeah and btw, i ONLY play DCS. That's the only thing the PC is used for. A bit of a bummer that upgrade. 3 times the price, 15 percent framerate increase maybe. (Idk exactly)
  10. On CV1 - I went from the 1080 and i5-2500K@ 4.3ghz and 16gb 1866 mhz ram to 1080TI and i7-7700k @ 4.8ghz and 16 gb 3866 mhz ram, not much of a difference tbh. No direct numbers to speak for it, but the experience is basically the same. But what I do believe has a major impact is having DCS on a SSD. :)
  11. I have that too. It's terrible. I don't use 2.1 for that reason. Seems unpolished for VR.
  12. Exactly same for my upgrade. In principle it was no upgrade then [emoji14]
  13. Idk, my 1080ti and cv1 is about the same as my former 1080. About 45 fps +- alot. But not stutterings. Disable any mod you have, if any
  14. Solved by the help of theOden! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm embarrased to say it was the VÄ/RA/HÖ I failed to set, because I could not find it. Thanks alot:)
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