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  1. Greetings Here are my Submissions 1-IIAF 2-85 and 2-60 more other registers ( Due to Researching about Iranian P-47D (F-47D After 1947) this topic will be completed later .... before 4th of March ) Note : Concerning previous submissions, it has come to my attention that all IIAF skins by authors are inaccurate due to selection of wrong shade of color and decal size & position. Anti glare color is Default USAF Olive Green and people are always using the wrong shade of color for the flag and roundel. Please disregard all previous drawings and recolored real images.
  2. I didnt make new one (new template), i just corrected and aligned the RIVETS and LINES layers with Normal mapping file and only the engine cowling part !!! Why should i make another Error ?!! i said before... i checked twice with real pictures and normal file for being 100% correct and no error ! -------------------- I found another Missing Detail.. Ground port details ISAAC
  3. Corrected and More accurate Rivets and Lines Layers for Official Template After checking twice with Normal Map file and real Pictures , i matched the lines and rivets on engine covers. Download Link (Google Drive) :CLICK HERE Comparison: RESULT : Installation : Download the layers and Paste them to template Correct Position : I hope i could help @BIGNEWY ISAAC
  4. Greetings I just noticed the Normal file, Engine cover section is not matched with some lines and latches in defuse file I checked with Real Pictures , the Normal mapping is Correct , defuse needs correction ! Please Confirm that if i am Wrong ! many thanks @BIGNEWY ISAAC
  5. I was checking the Metallic Channel or Blue in Roughmet File and found , it is totally wrong and at all , my question is When will the Correct Official Template with Wire Frames be released ?! or even is it planned by you guys ?!?! check the Pilot suit and helmet while the materials are fabric and plastic , they must be black not white in Metallic channel Exterior is reworked by me and this is why it is black in this picture ! the default is wrong , too !
  6. Yes we really need wire frames for accurate edge painting and trimming , and my suggestion is the Competition starts from the moment when the correct template is released for everyone !
  7. I wonder how ED missed PHANTOM II in DCS until now !!! and yes all these Variants , YEEEEEEEES PLEASE
  9. Awesome buddy ! @CanopyJettison @Moorhuhn I found someone @timber29 has done VX-30 210 & VX-9 Vampires 241 Before , here is the Download Links : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3311721/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311793/
  10. Well let me be Honest... ! I fell in love with this Skin , too if nobody cares about VX-9 XF240 , then i will do that,too !
  11. Hi hi so happy that you like it well there are around 20 VX tomcats i will attach the file of VX TOMCATs list here, and BuNo:159853 Model: F-14A-90-GR Sqd: VX-4 Callsign: XF1 (Bunny one) (Late) Pictures : I am making early version , too Pictures : About the B model I know a good mate (in discord ) made a good one and i hope he will share it here ! maybe i do for B model , too but first of all i need
  12. Greetings here's my first submission Skins : Circa 1992 1-BuNo : 159853 Model : F-14A-90-GR Squadron : VX-4 Callsign : XF1 Bunny one (late) glossy Condition : Done ! Download Link : is sent toensamvarg Pictures : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Real Pictures : =====================================================================================================
  13. Guys could you extend the time , tomorrow is the last day ?! I I forgot to check the deadline time ! maybe a week extension ! please I know i know i just checked it again , it is 60 days not 30 days , damn whats wrong with me ! My contributions are : [ 159853 F-14A-90-GR VX-4 XF1 ] & [ 160378 F-14A-95-GR NAWC 220 ]
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