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  1. I see people like the music I don't is there a way to turn it off
  2. Odd but worked for me press the links to the two choppers then go back you should see the buy link then. Hope it works
  3. Have same issue and yes it is related to F10 map. No solution other than avoid using F10 I also have a strong machine.
  4. Make sure you manually tune the radio to the directed freq That should get the Hinds to work with you and I think that starts other triggers that will help to get the success trigger if all is done correctly. Good luck
  5. Finished today Great work learned a lot about systems. Missions were hard but more than do able. Will run through it again in a month or two should do much better now that I know systems better. You do great Work EWI is also very good. Any chance you would do a Viggen or F-5 campaign. Your Campaign added a lot of value to a module I almost did not buy now I am glad I did. I hope the ED notes that.
  6. Thank you for your attention to this. Is the sling loading a bug or is it that hard in the real world. I did half of mission 11 actually got the heavier load there but messed up on the lighter one may have been pilot error.
  7. I had no problem Activated a few days ago. First two missions done. Not really a spoiler so I hope no one minds but the crowd at the first landing point was neat good immersion.
  8. Thanks for the tip John had the same problem.
  9. I just fly the mission through the mission select menu not the campaign. I complete it as ordered if I get a gold star great if not oh well I completed as ordered. Probably missing some extra events. If you have to land on a certain pad or the left side or right side or in front of the downed helo that should be in the orders.
  10. This is late but may help others. The mission starts with engines running and Anti Icing system on. When you need power close to ground turn off the deicing system. I turn it off for every landing and take off. This Campaign is not great the stock one was much better. I have not bought many campaigns and after this one will think hard about paying for another
  11. Thank you for the clarification. Took advantage of the sale today Thanks again
  12. This does not work unless you have the steam version on your computer. You can no longer see the key until after it is installed on your computer and that only happens through the Steam version of the game.
  13. Same issue same textures listed all Flame textures no mods only paid addons
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