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    ESG Ships?

    They are on the ever increasing never ending jobs list, but currently I have been called back to Uniform to help out over this COVID crisis.
  2. It’s definitely an ED known bug see this post. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3493113&postcount=10 look at the bottom of the post at known issues.
  3. This is a known ED Issue https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=209292
  4. Bruce448

    TARAWA issue

    https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3493113&postcount=10 Look at Known issues at the bottom. That's all the carriers not just the Tarawa.
  5. Bruce448


    The best bet for you on that one is to speak to JKAGary over at Flyingstations (you are a member there). he built the ones for FSX, I did the flight deck textures for him.
  6. Bruce448


    I was on the lusty 2005 til 2007 Still looking good, Think of it as Lego bricks, build the ramp as a entity of its own and then attach/collapse it to the flight deck.
  7. Bruce448


    Looking good, is it going to be the (S)Invincible or the Lusty??? As they were the only 2 with goalkeeper fitted.
  8. Bruce448


    something like these???
  9. Bruce448


    this could probably make the AV-8 release, but is just a teaser (Look mum I do listen) ps I have a set of plans for USS Guam
  10. Bruce448


    I spy with my little eye......
  11. Bruce448


    I can't personally answer that one its all down to Ron and Larry.
  12. Bruce448


    Something like these???
  13. Older jets that don't have MDC rely on one of 2 methods to scatter the glass/Perspex a spigot fitted to the top of the ejection seat or a steel rod that is fired upwards prior to the main seat gun igniting. 9the harrier uses this method also but attached to the steel rod is the stabilising parachute that 1 stabilises the seat and pulls the main parachute out of the head box.
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