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  1. Looks like the "Planned F-16C Systems and Payloads" thread was updated with regards to 2.75inch rockets. It used to simply say: "2.75inch rockets" Now it says 2.75” rockets LAU-68 and LAU-131 Great! Not a fan of the LAU-3 we have now. Any update as to when we can hope to see the LAU-131 added? I ask this because it was planned for Phase 1 but ED's newsletter is talking about JSOW and JDAM. Has the LAU-131 been forgotten?
  2. I voted no. If the air quake players want to use 4 and 6 let them mod it in with lua.
  3. Feel free to checkout our A10C tutorials. 19+ videos that are short and quick!
  4. Love this Script! Great job Holton181!
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