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  1. Jetseat Kw908 works wonderful.It's just like oculus.You start flying with and you will never fly without...I can suggest without hesitation.And Andre (He is selling the Kw908) he is present all the time,he answers all your questions.Just perfect if you can't afford a motion sim chair systems
  2. I'll be patient.Don't worry,shit happens :pilotfly:
  3. I thought It was me and my sound mods that I installed. I reinstalled all 2 times,erase 4-5 times campaign to reinstall.I was going really mad ahahaha :joystick:. So it is a common error if we can't play the campaign fore now because none of the triggers are not working right?
  4. THANK YOU f4l0 :rotflmao: :thumbup::pilotfly:
  5. Ok f4l0 I can survive without, I will shake my self to simulate :) Thanks a lot again for your work and effort.
  6. I made a test flight with max turbulence in game (197) and max turbulence effects in simshaker and I think I feelt tiny little effects when turbulence hit hard.It must be the measure change problem with m/s to feet.
  7. I think dcs changed turbulence measure. Before it was m/s second now feet.Maybe that's why turbulence effects are gone because simshaker don't recognize that measure ??? I don't know.
  8. Hi f4l0, Flaps effects back again thanks :) And turbulence? Can you fix it too?
  9. Aircraft flyby as double-images is a result of ASW.ASW is very usefull if you can't keep 90 fps but inconvenient is double image flyby view,in cockpit asw is perfect. I play with ASW on all the time and don't look at flyby view or I look at at low speed.1.5.7 today works wonderfully well in vr.I have allmost all options high with pixel density 1.8 and ASW on I can fly crystal clear witout problem.For NTTR I have to set Pixel to 1.7 and decrease one or two options and fly without shutter Asw on 45 fps smooth as butter. Dcs 1.5.7 Shadows High and default Dcs 2.1 Shadows Low and default (Im
  10. Correction I have bumps effects.Sorry I lost Flaps and Turbulence effects.
  11. Hi everyone, And thanks a lot f4l0 for your effort. Just one problem with the new Beta release. I lost Flaps,Bumps and Turbulence effects with my F-15 :( Can you look at it when you have some time. Was working %100 all effects before and now Flaps,BUmps and Turbulence are gone. Other effects working well. Thank you , Baris
  12. Then what wiil be the difference between SSA and Wings???Wings will support new flight simulations and will be payware???
  13. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Thanks a LOT :pilotfly:
  14. I have already beta but do I have to download the new beta or is there an automatic update???
  15. For turbulence effects.It was made for another game in kts but DCS use m/s for turbulence.Result:You don't feel the turbulence effects if there is some insane turbulence.
  16. Where you want to implement this?On Rudder pedals?
  17. Turbulence force in game is 0-197.After 50 I started to feel turbulence.100 was perfect :) And campaign missions give you about 0-30.I never saw a mission above 30 turbulence.So if we can feel the turbulence force at 30 like 60-100 it would be perfect.If it's too unreal for some people they can be reduce Turbulence forces in SSA. If it's possible with slider so go for slider :) Tnx again and again
  18. Effectively it works and I loved it.Flying in a stromy winter time in dcs 2.0 with defered shadows on @night with Oculus IT IS WONDERFULL with turbulence effects :pilotfly: There is only one small problem.I made a custom weather and put turbulence @ 100.(Max settings is 197) and It was good but normally game don't use that much high settings for turbulence and that's why I didn't feel anything. If there is a way to get the same effects when turbulence at 10-15???If it is unreal we can decrease the turbulence force strength in SSA settings.
  19. I am flying right now with F-15 and I have no turbulence effects.It's weird.I will try a custom time with lots of turbulence and try it again.Or maybe I must do a fresh install off SSA? I am currently using Beta version.
  20. G effects are working well.You can even set a limit G to feel the effect.For exemple I set it to 3 G.Under I don't feel G effects.Otherwise G effects it's constant and can hide other effects.When I pull 8-9 G I can tell you it is not a gentil rumble you will feel :) Like I said before only Turbulence effect is not working and I am totally agree with you it can make a huge difference, again if it's not too much asking. Again, even without turbulence effects I can play without SSA
  21. Engine rumble working well.But personally I don't like it because it will hide ther effects like stall or G. But turbulence effects can be nice.The only force not working for me soo far.But I think it's important for immersion.When you fly 15-20 min in auto pilot you fell nothing or while you take off or land you don't feel the turbulence.Whé I take off in a stormy day I would like the feel the turbulence, if it's possible obviously :) But even without turbulence effects IT IS WONDERFULL. I can't play it without now. Thank you again and again for your hardwork.Really... Baris
  22. I think my problem with Red flag campaign is with Oculus only.I tried without, no regular every 3 seconds fps drops,no stutters. It is unfortunate because no way I can play never again Dcs on 2d screen :) It is frustrating, there is no other campaign I can play now :(
  23. I have the same problem with Red Flag Campaign. i already tried minimum settings but the result is the same.Constnat fps drops (every 3-5 seconds) cause stutters.Minimum settings I have 90 fps with Oculus but every 3 seconds drops to 50,sometimes 60. Compaign don't like something with 2.1 I think. I tried with all settings possible but It's unplayable
  24. Hi everyone, I have a disturbing problem with this campaign. It is unplayable in VR. I have a constant fps drop every 5 seconds.I don't have this problem with instant action or other missions.I reduced all options to minimum but even @90 fps I have fps drops approx every 5 seconds between 80 to 50. It is not a CPU problem which is I7 4790K or graphic card Asus gtx 1080 Asus Strix OC. Is anyone else have the same problem and if you have a solution?
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