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  1. An equal part to this experience is not just the module but all your interfaces and your display. When I invested in the HOTAS WARHOG Throttle and Stick combined with getting a TrackIR and a 40" 4K display it brought the simulation to a new level. Many people out there have built mock cockpits so there simulation even with a crappy module is better then mine with the best module. PS: Harrier sucks but I still have fun flying it from time to time.
  2. Sounds to me you guys need bigger balls
  3. So the E-2 and S-3 are fully AI functional? That is really cool. Does anyone know if there will be pre-programmed decks that are populated or do we have to start from scratch?
  4. Something people forget Real Fighter Pilot - No toilet Sim Fighter Pilot - No TP
  5. The NTTR map already goes north enough for Fallon NAS. Seeing we have the Hornet, Tomcat and F-5 aggressors it would seem natural to implement Fallon for both Top Gun and the Strike Warfare Center.
  6. Images https://ibb.co/mvV1Mpp https://ibb.co/3WMh6PW
  7. sorry never posted a pic before and not sure how to attached it, seems to want a link
  8. DCS powers at be - Is it possible to get a FCLS on one of the maps on a runway, even if it is an airfield in the farthest corner of the map. For those of us who want to properly train without crashing 20 $80 million dollar jets this is what is needed to get proficiency before going to the boat. And with the Super carrier coming this would be an even more realist progression. Attached is pics of both field based carrier and LHD I'm not sure about other players but for me when I'm running the sim offline I tend to have the mindset that if I crash the plane that is it for the day so I reall
  9. How do I see the full MFD as the center control consul is blocking the view, I do not use VR or Trackir. I'm still old school with a monitor.
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