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  1. found a windows 10 setting that may could improve overall game stability and performance.
  2. updating to latest Nvidia Driver solved this problem for me.
  3. hi I have also a Trackir and I do use the Nvidia Control Panel to limit the FPS to 60 in game. set the frame limiter in the Nvidia Settings:
  4. give you an advice sell this garbage on ebay and get a T.16000M FCS Flight Pack from Thrustmasters, it's half the price of a Saitek X56 Rhino HOTAS + Pedals and has twice the quality. did run into same problem as you guys few weeks ago, now I am really happy that I decided to buy me a high quality Thrustmasters Controller.
  5. finde den titel für den thread ein bischen unsensibel gewählt beziehend auf dein "nur" technisches problem. ich bin durch einen unfall gehörlos geworden und dieser umstand ist nicht unbedingt, naja du weisst schon. sorry
  6. reverse all Nvidia tweaking and setting to driver default, most of them do have a placebo effect and won't work with DCS they can even worse the game image experience, like as you describe. disable also vsync and use instead the nvidia frame limiter with a setting to 60 try that and report back. I do also use a Nvidia GPU and TrackIr 5 and do not have any problem like you describe.
  7. X-56 HOTAS, Pro Flight Pedals *** VERKAUFT *** X-56 HOTAS plus Pro Flight Pedals zu verkaufen bei Interesse PM oder https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/saitek-x65-hotas-pro-flight-ruder-pedals-1123506502/
  8. is anyone here willing to accept a hearing impaired member into their squad or group?
  9. für 1080p empfehle ich: https://www.samsung.com/ch/monitors/curved-gaming-monitor-crg50/ benutze ich selber und bin sehr zufrieden damit. PS: für flüssiges und ruckelfreies headtracking benutze ich diese anleitung https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3770329&postcount=50
  10. latest iCUE version 3.20.80 creates heavy Fps spikes in DCS and other games revert iCUE back to 3.18.77 should avoid it
  11. same here this time the flickering is really terrible I hope it will get fixed with next update like this DCS is unplayable
  12. no the whole screen does go black for few milliseconds several times and that is very annoying watch here:
  13. DCS Open Beta common ED ... flickering is back again worked so flawless in the latest few open betas and now it is back again !!!
  14. jemand ne ahnung für was diese neue "autotrimm" option ist?
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