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    DCS is my first one. I was already reading anything I could find on the Vietnam air war when I was 13 and Top Gun came out and have been in love with fighters since. Played Air Superiority hex game at that time too. Experienced the power of CAS while in Iraq in a scout squadron.

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  1. They specifically mention adding multi-core support as a part of this somewhere, it might have been an interview with one of the developers, maybe Matt, this was around the time of the 2020 timeframe news. RE the AI improvements, I hope this means Combined Arms gets a big update.
  2. I have heard virtually the same review from several channels on YouTube and from someone I know that I played with for a year. The Pimax is THE VR headset I have waited for.
  3. I'm not big on WWII (not in 20 years anyway) but the Marianas map and being able to fly the F4U-1 Corsair, Grumman F6F Hellcat and F8F Bearcat off carriers with the moving deck crew would have me all in. @Silver Dragon, will Combined Arms infantry see improved movement and range of motion now that there are fully animated deck crew? (Not to mention updated skins) Even a couple of more animations would be awesome, wouldn't need much really to make them look and behave better.
  4. I’ve been dormant on the forums for nearly a year, but now that I’m back stateside I’ll soon be looking to fire DCS back up with an improved PC, for going VR for the first time. What you’ve done here is nothing short of amazing! I am even more stoked about getting back into the game now. You will definitely be getting an order from me when I’m ready sir!
  5. Wow, great work! They look awesome
  6. Interesting, I found a personal friend of mine who can do it for me, I'm still just going to mail him a thumb drive and grab2.5 stable and all my modules for me. Actually, what's the best way for him to get them onto the thumb drive without installing it to his work computer? He doesn't own DCS and has no interest in it anyway. I do have internet enough to link and activate, I'm using it to type here, but it would never download the 100+ gigs of DCS. I could drive to a library a few hours away, but again I couldn't take my PC tower, how should I do this?
  7. I'd like to see improvements with CA intelligence, unit cohesion, morale effects and much more detailed small arms integration. I'd love to see all the bugs of units ignoring commands flushed out as well. As far as the interface and workflow of creating a mission, I'd like to see it streamlined but largely under the same format, I love the trigger system. Graphically the infantry units need a big update, but nothing to the level that the vehicles and pilot models have of course. I'd love to see packs of Nato and Warsaw Pact troops from every decade premade and ready to deploy from squad to
  8. When I started using DCS I was in Portland Oregon and had access to 100mb download speeds. I've moved to the Missouri Ozarks and am building a cabin on my land. I am over 2.5 hours from a high speed access point. 1. If you are a DCS user with at least more posts than me, preferably someone well known in the community 2. I will mail you two brand new in the package: 128GB thumb drive and a 64GB thumb drive 3. I will give access to my DCS account to download 2.5 stable and all my modules I've purchased (and some mods if you didn't mind) onto the thumbdrives 4. You will keep the US $20 I s
  9. I haven't touched DCS since spring of last year, I was hoping to come back (Tomcat release) and find ME having been given some TLC. Such massive potential in this editor just by simply fixing the erratic AI! Good job and good luck getting it to work every time
  10. People talking about the VKB Gunfighter as if it’s ever in stock. It’ll be a year in April I’ve been waiting on one. They don’t exist.
  11. Just thought I'd start a dedicated hype thread showing off the videos by the community. After several have been posted I will add the best 1 or 2 to the OP comment here. I actually made this last summer and saved it until now. If you have a hype video and have already posted it, repost here. Like the title says this is for game footage and/or real footage. :thumbup: The below video doesn't want to play sometimes <----this link on the left works ${1}
  12. Hey guys, any reason the game isn't seeing the VSN Harrier mod? Some of my missions using it tell me it's missing and thus can't load the mission, other missions using it load but replace it with the A-10C. It is not available in the dropdown menu either, but most of the VSN mods are still there. It's the same with the F-14 as well. Everything is in my saved games folder as before.
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