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  1. I'm trying to set up a multiplayer mission for training in my squadron. I can't find a solution for the dogfight training, for simulating gunshots: I tried with MOOSE but I only found the missile trainer, so no guns solution there; I also tried always with MOOSE to set an immortality zone, or an immortality f10 option but couldn't. I don't want to set the entire mission in Immortal; any ideas?
  2. I'm trying to set up a dogfight mission with a message every time someone gets hit. With unit hits it only works the first time; is there a way to reset the unit hits counter to zero or any other way to achieve the message withoyt specific scripts?
  3. Will the possibility to rotate horizontally the lateral pilot mirrors (enhancing visibility) be added? I've seen in some videos them positioned horizontally.
  4. Thanks a lot for the clarification, I had the wrong impression that forward quarter shots wouldn't count as kill even after the merge. I'll play it again right away. Feel free to delete or move the post since it's not a bug.
  5. I just flew the third event (the 2vs2 one) and it was my understanding during the breafing that head on shots were prohibeted and forward quarter shots would not count as kill: is this only valid for me? because I got shot, after the merge, exactly head on and I was counted dead. Thanks anyway for the amazing campaign, might be the best one I played so far!
  6. In which way did you manage to? Because in the first way, using the flags, it worked randomly, for some players worked for some didn't, at random, it was like once too many planes were in the area the flags got messed up. In the second way only the server host managed to be immortal.
  7. Hi, I've tried several times now to set a training mission where, once the player enters an area, it is set immortal, in order to practice BFM with live weapons. First I've tried by using inside and outside zone to turn on and off a flag for each airplane, than via the plane waypoint advanced menu I set that flag to be the condition to set On or Off the immortality, but it worked randomly, some planes where immortal, some others were not. Now I'm trying with the plane's third menu (can't remember the name) and in the triggers now without the flags but with AI task push (immortal on&off),
  8. Please improve visibility WVR, BFM is almost unplayable. It isn’t fair that having a 4K monitor means no joy for you. Iirc there used to be a smart scaling dot or something back then.
  9. I can't get the unit hits count to work, is it a know bug? I couldn't find any information on that regard
  10. +1 Would be very easy to implement, I don’t see why they didn’t already
  11. I found a technique that’s working: half a second of trim up for clean configuration, one full second for loaded a/c, something more if you are really heavy, at 250kph pull a bit and it gently leaves the runway in a very shallow climb, you can then stay low and make a spectacular t/o or pull and do a normal one
  12. Thanks for the answers, problem solved, I inavertedly set the wrong end of the arrow to the given value, thus not complying to the instructions. Quick question now, how is it possible to lock an aircraft like the mission does in the mission editor? Always useful to know.
  13. I have a relatively new warthog, no issue with any other module. No curves or dead zone set, no trim axis. With autopilot it goes straight, without it starts again, the side slip indicator indicates a slip to the left obviously.
  14. I’ll try but seem strange that I eventually damaged the same component for 5 missions
  15. Any load out, even load out and also with the aircraft empty. During the mijolnir offensive campaign in every mission it goes left, haven’t tried yet outside the campaign
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