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  1. Damn, due to some travel I'm not going to be able to make this awesome event. Have fun all! (On the upside, I think this frees up a mid-tier NATO slot for SF).
  2. Invite looks to be expired/invalid. Post another? Edit: Ignore this. Discord bullshit - it complained about an invalid invite but I've been able to join the event Discord.
  3. Alpenwolf - it looks like I won't be able to participate as I have some travel on this date. Please remove me from the roster. :( Thanks so much for organising this man, it's going to be an awesome event. I look forward to watching some streams!
  4. Briggers Lonewolf Single ship sign-up in order of preference: 1x (NATO Mid-Tier Fighter - F/A-18C) 1x (PACT Mid-Tier Fighter - M2000C) 1x (NATO Low-Tier Fighter - F-5E) 1x (PACT Low-Tier Fighter - AJS37 (a2a))
  5. Briggers Mig15 Edit: RL has interfered - I will not be able to make the event. Have fun!
  6. This was not a good time for Colt flight. Still was fun, but an epic fail. Thanks MicroVax for GCI, and IronMike/104th for organising.
  7. If any squadron is low on numbers and would like an additional reserve, I'd happily act as a temporary cadet. I'll train with you and follow orders. PM me if interested. +1 Zulu, M2KC
  8. This was another great event. Special thanks to IronMike for all your work in putting this on - it was an awesome scenario, very well executed. Big thanks to Yoda for coordinating everything! Also Moltar for the pro-level ATC - I hope to experience you on GCI in future events as this would be epic. Things that made me happy: 1. got a juicy 104th kill 2. survived much longer than I expected in an M2K facing 120C's 3. the high point of the event for me was when MattE stepped up and did ad-hoc flight lead for the Batumi M2K flight: this was so much more effective than our mob of 6-7 M2Ks
  9. IronWolf: Was this intended to be "retreat to Tblisi"? (Awesome scenario btw).
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