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  1. Clever minds have solved it, by not wasting time introducing it in the first place.
  2. You're missing half of the simpit =D
  3. Yes, you can simply delete any lines that you want and the rest will work appropriately. Thanks for finding that!
  4. They used to be seperate .wav files that were in a common folder, I can't remember the exact path. Thanks Chic, I'm looking into that now.
  5. Hi, I used to delete most of the sling loading voice assist files to prevent aneurysms, but I can't seem to find the .wavs anymore to delete them. Does anyone know where the sound files are hiding?
  6. And we are so happy that you agree with what you think they decided. That means so much more to us than being able to comfortably fly the module with VR.
  7. The throttle is fine but no I wouldn't buy the stick again. The VKB is much better. The TH grip is fine but the stick base kinda sucks.
  8. If i had the money, I'd get one as well. Looks great. Looks like you'd get a sore neck, but it looks great :)
  9. I would love to try that, just to get the feel for the real thing a teensy bit.
  10. Yeah, that's not new. Try landing a helo on one of the elevators. There is always more work for ED to do.
  11. FWIW I just recently updated my 1700X bios and there was a 4.0GHz preset OC, so I tried it and it is stable, whereas I only figured out how to get 3.8ish on my own. AMD's bios does seem to have the habit of getting a little better with age, so even if they screwed up with false promises, with bios updates maybe those chips will reach their advertised speeds? In case anyone is curious about the OC preset, I have an ASUS Hero VI.
  12. According the the video, many 3000 series Ryzens aren't quite hitting their advertised boosts. Most only trail by 100MHz or less but it's still unfortunate optics for AMD, unless they can counter with how they got their results and it's legitimate. It's not really the crisis some would make it out to be, they are still great chips and great value, but AMD would have been better off avoiding this.
  13. Mousing over the text message region could activate the region with a scroll bar re-illuminating the last message and allowing scrolling back to previous messages.
  14. Some day in the future, we will have that perfect warsim that gives us Arma on the ground,DCS in the sky, fully destructible environs, and all the rest. And we will stop eating.
  15. You've also never been in a helicopter where the pilot had only one eye and it only had about half of its operating field of vision. This pilot also has no inner ear, and his leprosy has rendered him unable to feel anything through his skin. His one, poor, eye also has a scarred retina reducing colour and detail, and his ocular muscles don't allow for quick and accurate eye movement. His spine, of course, is completely fused, and judging by his neck movement, he may have Parkinson's. So, tell me, wise one, about how unrealistic and childish having clear glass is?
  16. So I'm getting close to punching the button on the Reverb, and I have 2 questions. Can you remove the Reverb's earpieces and use your own headset, and is 60 fps+ possible with reasonable settings with a 1700X/32G/1080ti?
  17. DCS isn't a real war, it's a game. You seem to have missed that little distinction. Games are pretty much always balanced. It is the most obvious, basic prerequisite.
  18. You can't get just the base anymore? That's too bad..
  19. Also, you should probably not use the windows calibration as it can interfere with the factory calibration. But, obviously, you need to first get your factory calibration to recognize the stick.
  20. Yeah, you won't be doing barrel rolls xD The tether will detach if it exceeds some parameters, and the load will be damaged/destroyed if it collides with anything. Mostly sling loading is an experience of managing the load very carefully, or you will simply lose it or lose control of your helicopter. There won't be any extraordinary options. If you are new to DCS and helicopters, I suspect you will not be sling-loading any time soon. It is the hardest thing you can do in the helicopters, essentially, and they aren't particularly easy to fly for the newcomer to begin with, drawing from my own experience, of course.
  21. Just wait until your planes or helos spawn within the static objects, though ;)
  22. Wait, if you drop the 3000 series into an original zen motherboard, don't you lose PCIe benefits as well as memory speed, if nothing else?
  23. That really should be two seperate polls. Own and purchase in one question is pointless.
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