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  1. With the F-14 after about 1998 the general status of upgrades was a bit of a mess. The F-14A's and B's initially got the PTID, which for the most part is a high definition display of the existing TID displays. There were a few special pages, namely the Navigation screen (which there is an example of in documentation) and the JDAM data screen (same, which there is an example of). There is information missing about the entirety of the F-14BU program and the F-14D of course, however there is a reasonable enough amount of information available to model the standalone addition of a PTID to
  2. This is pure unadulterated fantasy.
  3. One thing that really makes the P-51 stand out in DCS, and not in a good way, is the exterior 3d model and the corresponding fairly mediocre, by current standards, available skins for the P-51. It would be nice if in the not too distant future the P-51 receive and exterior 3d model rework to bring it up to the standards of the P-47, Spitfire and FW-190 Anton. The cockpit rework was tremendous and looks lovely, but it's sadly a bit let down by the exterior of the plane, which while isn't always super relevant considering you spend the majority of your time in your cockpit...you still see it
  4. The modding community just needs to work together on this, that's all. I'm sure the solution is there, it just needs to be worked out
  5. They've always made it crystal clear that all mods would be unsupported, in every way.
  6. It'd probably be better to ask for modern airfields be added to the Normandy map
  7. I really wish Decoy and Prowler would be on the same page. One says it's not in active development, the other says it is.
  8. Well they are so tough cookies
  9. I'd happily buy a full fidelity MiG-29A or Su-27...so the belief that "americans wouldn't buy it" is generally false and probably a bit of an over-simplified point of view.
  10. I meant "the time is now" meaning between now and July.. but yes
  11. No.... I think you may have an issue with your control hardware sending multiple input impulses
  12. New modules rarely go on sale within 12 months of their initial release..it's only just recently that the Hornet has been discounted at all
  13. ED...if ever there was a time to cash in on hype concerning the Super Hornet This is it
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