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  1. Ow, then I know what it is. I have a bit older throttle which like to wobble just a tiny bit on lowest setting. That is what is most likely culprit. Ty.
  2. Hello all. I recently got back and enjoy casual fun with A-10A. But on most ocassions (not all the time) when I am on server I just cant pass startup sequence, which is usualy: 1) Electrics - RShift + L 2) Right engine - RCTRL + Home 3) Left engine RAlt + Home Now, last couple of times it likes to "stuck" on trying to startup first engine. I hear APU startup but not engine itself and rpms stays dead. I could use help here, since I am not sure what is going on.
  3. Ah I thought that there is other than He rockets... Still there are two versions: Lau-131 and lau-68. Is there any difference?
  4. Hello again guys. I had lot of nice missions with this awsome plane. But one thing is creeping up alot. Now, I see 2 different pylon versions of A version. I also see 2 different HE and WP wersions of rocket. But i n order to make this question simple. I need to know which rockets I can use in order not to get damn smoke out of them? Like one HE and one WP version. Manual is missing detailed weapon list data sadly. :(
  5. After some more flights I guess all went mostly into normal without any major issues. I am getting better with aiming and flying A 10. All in all i am happy :)
  6. Thank you for help. In mean time I did some more flights and came to conclusion that I got hit by nearby enemy area or I hit something on long takeoff roll. Other times all was ok. I also noticed that you do need altitude for best firing solutions. So far I am flying by hand but I did notice that plane like to slightly roll to right if I am correct, which is annoying and I am out of trim buttons by now so I guess reprogram will take place. I used mostly Mavericks , D version for now and realised only later that range is 7 nm (lol), I am also still failing with bombs but It will take time fo
  7. Hello guys! I just bought this awsome bird and I would love to know it a bit better, so I got some questions for you. 1) What are preffered weapons to use in this? 2) What are you preffered axis curve settings (I started on 16 on all three of them)? 3) On my first takeof I got master alarm. I was playing on Havoc server and took off from Senaki Kolki and went for usual "X" for some target practise. I was a bit owerweight, but I saw on youtube that other players do this aswell. So I am guessing that I got hit with missle from that middle difficulty target area or I did something wrong on
  8. I did actually a bit reading from manual and I discovered that M2k onboard computers it rather flimsy garbage, so if you select too many A/G ordinance types along with M530D, onboard computer go wild. That is why my weapon selector went beserk. I did my accident ran onto this special selector in settings and i added it to my HOTAS. i hope that it will help. Thank you for tip. I do hope that someone might find this info usefull. it does say so in manual, but it is easily overlooked if you "read" like me XD.
  9. I was about to ask for same thing, but as I see this I only wanted to ask where is this special button? I also noticed that I dont see yellow mark if I want to select bombs.
  10. On Our server mission, Hueys start with M60s. I like Miniguns so I rearm before flight and after that they refuse to work. I can confirm that it does not work after rearming in free fire mode (did not test return fire) , be it on server or solo play. SInce I used this feature before very nicely and it was working fine, my best guess is that it is fresh bug most likely. Do something guys.. I love this Heli! :cry:
  11. Hello guys, news are in top post. We now have 24/7 server for members and cold war planes are in use too. See you.
  12. Hello all. I started to fly a bit A-4E and I am not sure on how to aim with Shrike missles and with rockets. It looked to me that sometimes it locks on onto radar and sometimes it is not. So any help with targeting is apreciated.. Also if there is more precise guide on those topics for A-4E I would aprecaite link.
  13. We expanded our planes list so we can have added fun and now we also fly, SU-27, Harrier and Viggen. Our default practise mission is also expanded so you have several attack areas depending on type of planes you wanna choose. See you in game and Casual Flyers wish you Happy New Year! :pilotfly:
  14. Took down curves on collective to 0 and left rudder to 15 to have more precise control and it works nicely. Also new approach to landing is never let plane go below 5 M/S (think it is righ measure) and it worked. as soon ad my VS deops below 1 I know I am doomed. Now I need to fly more and practise. (I hope they will fix crashing bug son) I love flying with huey.:(
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