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  1. if I recall, that's the case in the mi-8 as well... and requires a repair, not just a rearm there
  2. Like with some other things, you need to bind the buttons for the front seat... However it seems the KGMU suffers from the same cold start issue that is being described for the bombs above. EDIT: also, I believe I've noticed that the default keybind leaves the button pressed in, so you might only get one shot at dropping them.
  3. seems to work fine on my end https://streamable.com/48mrzq
  4. Here's a short clip showing the issue
  5. No, it's a Viggen problem, in that the knob itself doesn't work in a way that SRS can read it EDIT: Here's a short clip showing the issue
  6. Make sure the point is set as a M (target) point, that should update the coordinates... Instead of trying to update where the nav-system thinks you are.
  7. it does important work on the PGAW Hoggit server, and also shines quite well in the less advanced era of Syria At War
  8. I agree, if seat-swapping is removed while flying solo on a multiplayer server, it would KILL the module for me.
  9. I agree, getting something like this included officially would be nice
  10. I'd actually almost say the opposite... it's not that it's fragile as such. In my experience it seems more that you need very little pull to get high G numbers when you're going fast. And it doesn't limit or even warn you that you're pushing the limit.
  11. To be honest, I just really hope they don't kill the seat-swapping when flying solo on MP servers like they did on the Huey. Because that would totally kill the module for me.
  12. Can confirm I'm also seeing both issues... makes it really hard to make precise edits when you can't vary the speed of the cursor.
  13. still shouldn't make it show that high/long even once it stops bouncing though
  14. track has been provided... no change to tags yet though
  15. original video was from a 3 hour mp session, here's me recreating one of the runs that had issues using an air start hornet-ccip.trk
  16. Flew a mission last night and while using mk82 bombs the CCIP pipper would consistently be bouncing around, and would always show very long video example from one of the attack runs https://clips.twitch.tv/CuteCrazyGoatVoteYea-ivl1Y823gRch_8kI
  17. yes, I have also noticed something like this
  18. If I recall correctly, it's an artifact of how the weapons were implemented, since they were added long before ED introduced any anti-ship missiles and guidance of their own.
  19. The switch in the cockpit that should control them has the label "LED-LJUS"
  20. I tried searching the bugs section for LED and left, and it didn't return anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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