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  1. I did this like in the vid and it came out perfect for me. It had enough force to recenter. if I want more force just go to hardware store and get stronger compression springs or traxxas cars has some nice springs.
  2. Thanks so much Snoopy. Since I only use 74th FS skin this is exactly what I wanted. Also I know I am 67 years old but I have many Snoopy t-shirts. You know "Joe Cool".
  3. That part I know it is setting which lights at what time. . I did a search and found a post that helps.
  4. I have looked in manual and cant find the proper procedure for the outside lights for A-10. Startup, taxi, takeoff, flight and land. Can someone point me to it?
  5. Are you referring to my post? I have a bunch of pics the pilot have me.
  6. Thanks for the video. Yes I watched every minute. Very informative and increased my love of this plane. The auto flap system under certain speeds did not know. The position of flares and chaff and engine design and tail section to make it harder for manpads to get a lock from the side. The detail DCS did to get it right in cockpit. Loved the worn cockpit look. The capabilities of the Hemet system briefly explained was interesting. Warthog 2 is going to be fun.
  7. Thanks for all the hard work. When we select the Channel map mission we get the Normandy map.
  8. Thanks for your work. Cant wait for the Syria missions come out and time to get Ugly with the hog.
  9. Thanks here is a great write up on that video above. what they achieved was remarkable. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/04/03/10-warthog-squadron-receives-rare-award-extraordinary-heroism-syria.html
  10. Did you click on it to see the video of A-10 in Syria? They were credited for Killing 3,100 Isis soldiers.
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