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  1. Ah ok THX! ... haven't seen you were faster and did already answer! :thumbup:
  2. Compared to the Targeting Pod, you have to keep the TDC-steering press button pressed while using the TDC slew. :music_whistling: Btw. You can move your "target" on the ground radar in the same way!
  3. I have question about the SLAM steer! Everything works ok for me with the setting of the weapon and even with the discplay activation, but my problem is that i can't steer the weapon manually, as i know it from the 802AKG from the JF17, there everything works fine! I try to steer with TDC after i selected the display with datalink active, but i am not able to even correct the weapon a little bit. Can someone please explain me, where the problem might be? Is it right to use the TDC digital buttons (i tried both also the analog, which e.g. works fine for the radar)ß did i undeerstand it r
  4. Hi, i updated my DCS very late this time and as i just wanted to do so, i received this Warning. Before i like to "continue", i would like to discuss this event. I have had a look but did not find any related thread so far. If a may have overseen in the mass of threats i say sorry! http://prntscr.com/rimklw If you need the log, please feel free to ask. I think it is not problem related in this case!
  5. I haven't read about it, but where to enter the data for PP or the other modes? Only one mode gives me ready... am i right that not all modes have been implemented yet? I also get the dta link very late. I don't know if i could influence when to get the TV signal from 802. Another real issue i think is that the 802 just diappear if i dropped one and the another without changing any settings. I just pushed weapon release when the first had impact and i heard the release sound but there was no weapon over F6 visible ... it was away from rail so it just seemed to disappear.
  6. CM802AKG Desync in MP I have studied as many posts und threads as possible but haven't found yet. I tried my best, so don't be to angry if i just have not found or overseen it: I tried to show others the cool CM802 with Datalink and TV Camera in its front which i already tested in single player where it worked for me. While the cruise missile was flying over the ocean ( following its external view) the others in MP told me that it was circling around over land at a totally different location. There seem to be some sync problems maybe!? I also detected some other possible issues, which
  7. Ok thx for the feedback. I don't know why it changed ecause it was running that great before and all the other modules with FF are running fine. Even if there is no "real" FFB the FFB is centering the stick. With the F-14 there is nearly no force, as if it is not "activated", like it is when i enter any plane. I might try to repair the module or DCS itself. I have myself also no idea what it could be, espically if you say the code for FF haven't changed and if it is running well for others. It would be nice, if someone could test it with a force feedback stick, best if anyone with G940 rea
  8. I have searched the Forum very carefully but did not found anything about my issues. After the release of the F-14 i flew it a lot and was very happy when the force feedback functions were supported and improved with further releases. While i was flying other modules a lot during the last weeks i had chosen to fly the F-14 again some days ago and discovered a massive problem with the force feedback of my Joystick. It is nearly not existing there might only be a very little force from time to time, but not even enough to keep the stick centered. I have the FF settings in DCS at 100% t
  9. Open Flight School events + Advanced Staffeln Hallo an alle angehenden und erfahrenen Piloten, JTAC, Kommandanten, Missionsdesigner und Führungskräfte! Wir möchten sowohl für Neulinge als auch Fortgeschrittenen oder Profis interessante Events bieten, um die maximale Faszination zu erleben, die der Multiplayer bietet. Wir laden dabei auch gerne komplette Staffeln ein! Unser Fokus liegt ganz klar auf Multiplayer, Multicrew, Multirole, multiple .... Erfolge! :thumbup: Module: Wir nutzen alle Module, in den fortgeschrittenen Staffeln nur voll-simulierte. Auch Combined Arms wird verw
  10. Das kann man so nicht sagen. Die Verwirbelungen bilden sich nur teilweise und treten keinesfalls über die komplette Flügelvorderseite auf, weil das schlichtweg zum Absturz führen würde. Man sollte wunderbar über die gesamte Flügelkante/bzw- Fläche Werte abgreifen können. Die Frage ist nur, ob man sie braucht, bzw. wie viel brauchbare Daten daraus entstehen und wie weit das aktuell praktiziert wird. Ich schaue mal später ob ich was zur Sensorik von fly by wire systemen finde. Es würde mich wundern, wenn speziell bei Deltaflügeln oder anderen komplexen, instabilen Flugmodellen ein einfacher Anst
  11. Würde mich eher wundern, weil bei Null Sicht geht das nun mal nicht und wenn Du dann den Ball siehst ist es zu spät für Korrekturen. Auch das ACL der F-14 nutzt CILS, soweit ich weiß. Ein gutes genaues System ist sehr viel genauer als ein Mensch das visuell abschätzen kann. Bei guter Sicht mag das noch alles praktikabel sein, aber wenn Du nichts mehr siehst, siehst Du nichts mehr und wäre das CILS dann nicht genau genug, würden solche Landungen gar nicht funktionieren. Man kann also meiner Ansicht nach nicht ausnahmslos(!) nach Ball landen, wenn man den nicht sieht und genau da liegt besonder
  12. Yes, i think that was ED's opinion, but while it is no ED model that uses nukes someone else might do it for the Mig21
  13. ILS sollte eh immer besser bzw. genauer sein als alles andere bzw. alles visuelle... was meinst Du mit in die richtige Position bringen? Wenn Dein Anflug stimmt, knallst Du doch exakt aufs Deck :joystick:, musst nur noch Gas geben nach dem Aufsetzen!
  14. Ah Ok, i thought it would do IFF by itself as part of the gained "Track" information of every plane that the TWS/RWS is following. It seems to be very different than the F-14 Design which i am more common with. In my opinion there could be done a lot of improvements to the sensors in modern fighters. One example is the selection and display of information about threats on RWR. I nearly could not believe that is is so inaccurate, when i got to know what it displays some years ago. For me it would make sense to display a lot more information of threats, in fact a 3D display where they are an
  15. such an effect would be amazing and i think it would be needed to animate it. The nukes also need to get their usual functions like chute and detonation above ground... i hope these things will be done anytime!
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