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  1. It seems that I have solved most of the problems ... Prob#3 Was down to that I had moved my Saved Games folder, DCS Server did find the folde and make a new folde using the -w but it would not start properly. So I moved the Saved Games folder back to the USER folder Prob#3 also seems to have solved Prob#2, but the misson files have to reside within Saved Games folder. Prob#1 Was solved using --server --norender Now I have a new problem ... I want to run multiple servers. I have set them up with different ports in serverSettings.lua. I
  2. 1. When i try to run a dedicated server I get an error on Syria map and Channel map. I was under the impression that it was not needed?? 2. I'm not able to use the WebGui to load missions. Have tried to make a missions folder in saved games but no luck. Am I doing it wrong. 3. Trying to run the server with the "- w xxx" switch, it starts the server but then it hangs. Also tried it with the "--norender --server" switch. Only if I use the dcs_updater.exe will it run ... but still not able to load missions
  3. Thanks for your input ... I have tried both (all) combinations ... still no luck ... I will perhaps try again later .. just to be 100% sure
  4. Hi. Im trying to add a triggered sound message to all units whenever someone spawns in. But when I add that to the mission it end the mission. As soon as I delete this trigger it works fine. I have tried with a text message as well. The trigger is the one highlighted in the screenshot. YELP!!! https://forums.eagle.ru/
  5. Hi K-51. What is the price for it to Denmark? And can I have it by the end of the day ... me want so much .. :cry:
  6. After todays update ( - DCS will not start. I got this from Bitdefender when i tried to repair with Updater Utility. My two other machines running Windows defender are happy with the update. Is it safe to make en exception for this file in BitDefender?
  7. I use DCS to save the profiles. At the moment I use VKB Stick, Virpil Throttle, Komodo UH1 Collective, Thustmaster Rudder Pedals, CH Quadrant, Razer Tartaru v2 Chroma and MS Panel ( button box) + mouse and keyboard. For Virpil, VKB, CH Quad and Razer i use their software to configure/program them. I use DCS the "Save as" to save every single controller for every single module. I cant say for how long i have had this problem, I just started beeing annoyed that some times when i fx reconfigure the Virpil it will get a new name in Windows and there for be detected as a
  8. Hello. I have for all my, aircraft's,UI,CA and General, files with the profile saved. I wanted to make sure that they were up to date and saved them from within DCS. BUT if there is no assignments to the profile DCS will ask "The file exsits,do you wish to overwrite" ... and then deletes the file.:mad: How do I prevent this from happening? OR How do I prevent DCS from automatically assigning buttons and axis to my profiles?:mad:
  9. Hi. In my missions for my server seems that all aircrafts that are set to Parking hot have a minimum speed of 140kts, is this correct?
  10. When i fly the normandy map I get texts saying HARDSPLAT DEFAULT COLOR What have I done wrong?
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