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  1. no i got latest french pack and ive seen no issues with supercarrier it is the raphael that was causing that issue
  2. hey crazy whats the chances of having one of the us carriers reskined to the hms queen elizabeth?
  3. yep that worked just means no more scalp missile :(
  4. well most fo the players i know have same problem b ut not all of them have supercarrier mod its the super carrier that dissapears if you have the raphael installed in the game
  5. nope it failed the super carriers still dissapear pat they are there during mission builder but dissapear when you run the mission and that is simply with raphael in your game files you dont even haved to put a raphael on the map and the ships dissapear
  6. no the french pack caused no issues for us just the raphael ai and air sol
  7. cant use it any more anyways it cause issues with supercarrier module
  8. your raphael is causing problems since todays update if you remove them formt he aircraft folder n o problem but with the air sol or the ai one the super carrier dissapears from you rmission (its there in mission builder but not in the mission when you run it ) but remove the raphaels form your aircraft folder and supercarrier is back our tests show its not the air to air raphael its the ai and air sol that cause it
  9. its the raphael air sol that causes it after extensive testing
  10. point to note i can place the hsip in misison builder no problem but when i run that misison its dissapeared
  11. Hang on so we p[aid for the supercarrier where able to use it yesterday since todays patch we can no longer fly it cos we havent bought one of the us planes to use on it???? i do have the harrier of course but nahh thats bullshite
  12. so today there was an update for dcs right so updated then opened a mission i flew yesterday only to find all my supercarriers that although appear in the mission builder are not there when you run the map ,,,what have they done??
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