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  1. And this: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/203816-vnao-t-45-goshawk/
  2. It is a standalone module like the A4 and C130 Hercules , with it's own flight dynamics, cockpit etc. Not based on any other chassis. https://discord.gg/ZW77rwSgww
  3. VNAO were making one, but it got scrapped, however the T45 is being made
  4. Beetle

    IR tpod

    Before anyone chimes in, I have checked as far back as I could before getting bored (i.e. not very far back) and haven't seen this posted here yet: The IR views show not a realistic ir screen, but more of a contrast enhanced view. I think most people know what I mean...sea is shown as hot, buildings glow like nuclear reactors, parked vehicles show hot etc... will this be changed in 2.5.7?..or is there a fix I don't know about?
  5. try restarting your PC
  6. found a cure: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307161/
  7. I was just looking for the .img/.png/jpeg (etc.) file to see if it can be replaced, but no luck so far.
  8. where as most of us couldn't care less
  9. Beetle


    well I won't argue against having a super Hornet as well!
  10. Beetle


    would a refuelling pod be a realistic goal for the F/A-18? not the most thrilling job in the world, but someone would do it.
  11. Beetle


    wrong forum...sorry
  12. Until the GC get "glowsticks", landing/taxi lights will be useful, or adjust your gamma until the night is day.
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