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  1. I am unable to join some servers because I do not have a pure client . How do i fix this ? These are the files that are causing the problems:







    What should i delete to get it to work properly?

  2. You'll enjoy it; it's an excellent module and a fun mission. Just be aware that you will need to use the clickable cockpit for most commands right now. You also have your work cut out in assigning the critical commands to the T-Flight. I have a friend with a T-Flight and here's what I recommended for him (note that I assigned two modifiers so you can effectively triple your available commands):



    You will need most of what I have mapped, though placement is up to you. Just be aware that you need both the TV button and the Weapon Release in order to lock and fire a RB75 Maverick.


    Good luck,


    Wow thanks for the image . It will definitely help me with the stick . I have no problem with the clickable cockpit . I really want to know how to fly an actual military aircraft .


    I think this is ultimately the important part. If air to ground missions are what you want, then the Viggen is one of the best modules available (and likely to be so for the foreseeable future). There's nothing else like a bombing run at Mach 0.8 and 150m AGL, and no other aircraft that's designed explicitly for that sort of mission.




    Excellent, I would definitely advise downloading the manual and Chuck's guide to a tablet or cell phone if you have one, so that you can use it as a literal kneeboard during flight. With Chuck's guide, if you have a Google Drive account, it might be useful to log into that account, and then go and click on the link to Chuck's guide and open it in your browser, and instead of downloading it, you should have the option in the upper right corner to "Add to Drive". If you do it this way, you will always have the most up to date version of Chuck's guide in your Google Drive (Google automatically syncs it with his updates). Because the Viggen is a new module, and it is receiving many updates, it is very likely that Chuck will be updating his guide as new features are added/altered.


    I'm thinking specifically of the upcoming plans to add FARP landing sites on highways and how they'll be integrated into the nav system, among other things that are likely to be added, that's why it's useful to know that whenever you open up the guide in Google Drive, you have the most recent version. I apologize if you already knew this, but it was something I did not know until recently, when I opened one of his guides from my Google Drive on my tablet, and found that it had automatically been updated.


    Thanks for your reply . I do have it stored on drive but I did not know it was updated automatically . I have it stored on my phone so I can use it as a kneeboard . FARP landing will be awesome too .

  3. Your Radeon R5 M430 laptop video card scores 624 on passmark tests. This low cost video solution was not designed to play complex games.

    In comparison, a Geforce GTX 880M laptop video card scores 3,569 on the same test. Perhaps this could this be the reason?


    I see . Thanks you everyone . I really appreciate the help and time .

  4. I have the Viggen and the Mirage. Out of the two I'd agree with the consensus that the mirage might be a better choice for someone new to DCS. It's not really a true multi-role but it's fun to fly. IT's primarily an interceptor that can drop bombs when needed.


    Viggen is beautiful and getting better but a very specific mission profile and not necessarily a newbie friendly aircraft (but better than the Mig-21 I hear)


    I know you listed a fully clickable cockpit as a requirement but don't discount FC3. Especially if you are unsure whether or not you are a ground pounder at heart or an air to air guy. FC3 will let you fly airplanes in both roles to your hearts content and let you spend your future money on modules that are meaningful to you. It's often on sale for dirt cheap. It would suck for example to buy the Viggen and decide you really hate the A/G role... I've surprised myself by finding out that I really like dropping bombs and blowing shit up so the A-10 and Viggen get most of my time.


    The Viggen is my favorite fixed wing module, but for your experience and setup I would recommend the Mirage 2000C. There are a number of reasons for this.



    1. The M-2000C is capable, easy to fly and learn.

    It's a fly-by-wire aircraft with a good autopilot, so you don't have to wrestle with the controls while you're fiddling with systems. Additionally, each air to ground weapon has its own specific delivery method, so you don't need to fiddle with configurations. The start-up sequence is logical and can be performed by memory after a few times. The toughest part of learning the M-2000C is learning the INS, but the tutorial missions are now finished and they help greatly in instructing you in what is a powerful navigation system.


    2. The M-2000C module is very mature.

    Having been out for almost a year and a half, most of the bugs have been squashed. The joystick and keyboard functions work as they should, and the mapping is logical. You do not need a programmable HOTAS, which is good since you have the T-Flight. The T-Flight should be good with the M-2000C.


    By contrast, the Viggen still has a lot of command mapping issues, and the controls are so complex that it requires a programmable HOTAS or a HOTAS with 3 position switches to take advantage of the systems. The way things are right now, doing something as simple as a navigation fix would require 3 buttons on your HOTAS instead of a single 3-position switch or 2-stage trigger. Between the HOTAS mapping and the current state of some broken switches (we need to use the mouse for those), it's not a great platform for someone getting started with DCS. The M-2000C, on the other hand, is the ideal high-fidelity gateway jet.


    You may have noticed I didn't discuss the MiG-21. I love the MiG-21; it is a blast to fly, but it is very difficult to fight. If you're getting started, the system peculiarities are a lot to keep track of, and even if you have the switchology down, it is still difficult to fight versus modern forces. I recommend this after the M-2000C (which is challenging enough as a fighter) and the Viggen (if you like strike aircraft).


    Hope this helps.


    EDIT: One more thing: Stay away from DCS on ebay. Even the CD versions require activation, and ED has recently suspended the transfer of licenses (so even if your seller is honest, you may still be unable to use the software). Besides, the A-10C would be difficult to learn with the T-Flight. Personally, if you're interested in helos, I would recommend the Huey over the Black Shark. Once you learn the Huey, you will be a better helo driver overall (including the Ka-50).


    Of those three aircraft, the MiG-21 is probably my favorite, but I'm not certain that it is the best one for a new pilot. A lot of the fun of the MiG-21 is that it is challenging to fly and it forces you to learn to do without many modern systems, and to make the most with the limited capabilities available. Also, its air-to-ground capabilities are very primitive, relying mostly on your eyeball as the primary form of guidance. Navigation in the MiG-21 is also a bit tricky for a new pilot, as it can only navigate by radio beacons.


    I haven't had much time with the Viggen, but as has been mentioned, it is definitely a ground attack craft, its radar is only for air-to-ground and air-to-ship targetting, and ground mapping, it features no air-to-air targeting abilities. It has some pretty good systems for ground targeting given its age, but it will still take time to learn, or course. Its primary goal is to do a single-pass strike at high speed, hitting its target and then racing away. Its navigation system is complex and can be altered in-flight if needed using the on-board computer, and you can create nav points, pop-up points, target points, and landing points, and it is capable of landing on improvised airstrips including highways.


    The Mirage-2000C may be the best option of those three for a beginner. It features a modern pulse-doppler radar for air target acquisition, as well as medium range semi-active radar-guided missiles and of course short-range heatseekers. It also features the most advanced radar warning receiver of these three aircraft, giving you better situational awareness of threats at a glance. Its ground attack capabilities are more limited than the Viggen, but it is still capable of delivering unguided bombs and rockets, and its on-board computer is capable of giving you CCRP and CCIP assistance to let you know when to release the weapons. It has an inertial navigation system and a navigation computer that can be programmed in-flight similar to the Viggen, and it will also take time to learn.



    One other suggestion that I would make is that the A-10C is a great aircraft for beginners. It features high-tech targetting systems, carries a lot of different weapons types, it has great tutorials, and because it flies slowly, you often have a little more time to set up your shot, make sure everything is ready before you fire. Its systems are fully modelled to the point that it could be used as an actual trainer if needed, and its one of the oldest and thus most mature modules, so they've had plenty of time to get everything right.


    This is definitely an aircraft that rewards someone who learns all of the systems to take full advantage of its capabilities, rather than just flying by the seat of your pants. That includes HOTAS usage, since the A-10C module is intended so that you map HOTAS buttons to your stick pr keyboard, rather than tying them to a specific function. Just like in the real A-10C, the functions of the various HOTAS keys will vary depending on which aircraft systems are selected, so you will literally be doing exactly the same set of steps that a real A-10C pilot would do to activate a weapon, search for and designate a target, and fire.


    Thanks everyone . As I will have the module for a long time , I am ready to give it a shot . I originally wanted the mirage , I said so in my original post but after some consideration , I selected the viggen . I really like the viggen and I do not have the budget to buy both aircraft . I will be mostly free for two months and I hope to learn all the aircraft systems . I really want to drop bombs and missiles and have some missiles for self-defence . Everything about the viggen seems right to me :) . The viggen may have more complex systems than the mirage but I'm prepared to learn :book: . I downloaded both the manuals and the guides by Chuck . Thank you for your input , I really appreciate but I don't think I want to go air to air just yet .

  5. I downloaded DCS open beta for the first time yesterday . When I played it , the ground and sky was black . After some short manouvers , the game would crash every time . I have a computer that reaches the minimum requirements . I did not have any mod but I installed reshade which made half the map proper and the other half black but my game crashed shortly after . Please help :cry: I have wanted to play this game for years :cry:

  6. Not sure about major bugs, but its getting decent updates. As for the campaign I don't think it has one currently, but it will recieve a campaign and even I believe a theatre map further down the line. If you want to know more about the Viggen module, the better place to ask these questions would be in the Heatblur forum section.


    Viggen Bugs



    Viggen Reviews


    First Look,


    Thank you for your time , friends . My apologies , I will check the viggen forums for these queries . I think I will purchase the viggen .Thanks again for your time and replies :thumbup:

  7. To clarify, the Mirage 2000C version we have (RDI) is not a multirole aircraft. AFAIK, it is an interceptor with some air to ground capabilities. With that said it is fun to fly and it is challenging to use specially when combating with some aircraft with a longer reach weapons.

    Thank you for your reply . I will only be buying full fidelity modules and what I meant was among other full fidelity aircraft , the mirage has good capabilities .

    Not sure you will be able to get the Viggen at a cheaper price soon, as it is a very new module so it is unlikely that it will be heavily discounted.


    The viggen's air to air capabilites are frankly not that good. It can defend itself, with Aim9s, but you don't really want to be in that position. What it does good is go very, very, very fast. Frankly if you see an enemy aircraft, you push the throttle forward and run away at low level. I don't think that there is any aircraft in the game currently that can catch it down low.


    It's not a difficult aircraft to learn, it's systems are relatively simple and straightforward, depending on the payload and the mission type. The navigation is a bit more complicated due to 70s technology, however there are some really good tutorials out there.


    Are there any campaigns for the viggen? Any major bugs? Also one General question for DCS: is it possible for a new player to join a squadron and fly with these pilots with comms? What are the pros and cons of the viggen ?

  8. Limited sales are run on an almost weekly basis. (Usually over the weekend). However there is no telling when any of those aircraft will be going on sale.


    Right now, the AJS Viggen is sold at a discount, it's usual price is $59.99, but currently it's sold for $47.99.


    In any case all of those modules are pretty great, you can't go wrong with any of them. If you prefer Air to Air, then the Mirage2000 or the Mig21 is a better bet. On the other hand the Viggen is the closest we have currently to an interdictor aircraft.


    Thank you for your reply . Has there been a large sale (50%-60%) due to Easter or summer this time of the year before? Is it possible to map most of the functions on the aforementioned hotas? Are the viggen's air to air capabilities good? How long will it take to become proficient in the viggen's systems?

  9. Hello everyone ,


    I am new to the DCS community and I am planning to purchase my first module soon . As I am on a limited budget , I can purchase only one module for the next few months , that too on a discount . I will have vacation for two months and I intend to use this time for DCS , among other things . I am prepared to spend my time learning the systems and mechanics of the aircraft :book: . One requirement is a fully clickable cockpit . After going through the forums and watching many YouTube videos , I have shortlisted 3 aircraft . These are :


    1) Dassault Mirage 2000-C :- I like this aircraft because it is a fourth generation fighter aircraft with good multirole capabilities . It will also perform well in the multiplayer arena . It has good air to ground capabilities as well . This aircraft will likely be my pick .


    2) Mikoyan MiG-21 :- This aircraft has served in my country's air force (India) since the sixties . I think she's beautiful , and I have seen the real thing . I really like this aeroplane and it seems very fun to fly . However , because of its age and systems , it will be hard for me to get decent at it in a few weeks .


    3) Saab AJ-37 :- This aircraft embodies everything I really like in an aircraft . Fast , can land in small runways , excellent anti-shipping capabilities , stunning to look at . It really is the closest to one of my favorite aircraft , the MiG-23BN(single engined , single seat , ground attack aircraft that was developed from a fighter with some STOL capabilities ) .


    I can't seem to make up my mind . Please help me choose a module that I won't end up regretting buying considering the fact that I am prepared to learn the systems . Please pardon my English(it's not my native tongue) and any inaccuracies in my post . If it is possible , I would like to know when the nearest DCS sale is . I have also shortlisted the thrustmaster t flight hotas x as my stick(that is taking a lot of money from my budget) and its why I can buy just one module . I wish I could purchase more but I'm just a student . Thanks you for your time :) :thumbup:

  10. Can you send me your specs or post them in the forum just so I can see?

    Also, I would recommend getting a 1050Ti. Its not an expensive card but it should help a lot going forward.


    I will get http://www.hpshopping.in/hp_notebook_-_15-ay503tx . (I didn't ask for a laptop , it was a hand-me-down lol) . If it was up to me , I would have tried to build a PC but it wasn't and it is unlikely that I will be able to build a PC in a couple of years as I have to focus on studies . I have always wanted to play a SIM like DCS where I can communicate and fly with other pilots , complete all the start-ups , request permission for take-off , taxi etc . The main question I had was will low settings be so bad that it will ruin the game even if the gameplay is fantastic . In April , I will have the laptop and I will have summer until May , so I Will have plenty of time for DCS .

  11. Hello everyone . I have wanted to play DCS for a very long time and I finally have a computer capable of running the game . Unfortunately , I JUST make the minimum requirements and the modules and the joystick are expensive . So , if I invest in all this equipment , I want to have a basic idea of how the gameplay will be . I wanted to ask you guys if low settings makes the game unplayable or if the gameplay makes up for it . I have noticed that the community is very helpful . Also , I don't know if this is the correct sub-forum . Could a mod please move the thread if it is not in the correct sub-forum?

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