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  1. Please can you guys do this JASDF paint scheme for the viggen?
  2. No mods installed . How do I run a repair?
  3. I am unable to join some servers because I do not have a pure client . How do i fix this ? These are the files that are causing the problems: demomods/aircraft/hawk/entry.lua bazar/shaders/fxo/430ad6546f54f81dcc8dce0198bf3269.fxo bazar/shaders/fxo/5c735503149507d327b4c72ea805e67f.fxo bazar/shaders/fxo/a57749a698e52786b5f4a099da923967.fxo What should i delete to get it to work properly?
  4. Wow thanks for the image . It will definitely help me with the stick . I have no problem with the clickable cockpit . I really want to know how to fly an actual military aircraft . Thanks for your reply . I do have it stored on drive but I did not know it was updated automatically . I have it stored on my phone so I can use it as a kneeboard . FARP landing will be awesome too .
  5. It worked!. Thanks you so much dudikoff :worthy:
  6. I see . Thanks you everyone . I really appreciate the help and time .
  7. But it meets the minimum requirements , right? Is there anything I can do?
  8. I installed the 1.5 beta . Should I have downloaded the release version?
  9. https://www.hpshopping.in/hp_notebook_-_15-ay503tx it's a laptop with an AMD card . The card is 2 gb and has direct x11 8 gb ram , I5 , Windows 10 , 64 bit
  10. Thanks everyone . As I will have the module for a long time , I am ready to give it a shot . I originally wanted the mirage , I said so in my original post but after some consideration , I selected the viggen . I really like the viggen and I do not have the budget to buy both aircraft . I will be mostly free for two months and I hope to learn all the aircraft systems . I really want to drop bombs and missiles and have some missiles for self-defence . Everything about the viggen seems right to me :) . The viggen may have more complex systems than the mirage but I'm prepared to learn :book: . I
  11. I downloaded DCS open beta for the first time yesterday . When I played it , the ground and sky was black . After some short manouvers , the game would crash every time . I have a computer that reaches the minimum requirements . I did not have any mod but I installed reshade which made half the map proper and the other half black but my game crashed shortly after . Please help :cry: I have wanted to play this game for years :cry:
  12. Thank you for your time , friends . My apologies , I will check the viggen forums for these queries . I think I will purchase the viggen .Thanks again for your time and replies :thumbup:
  13. Thank you for your reply . I will only be buying full fidelity modules and what I meant was among other full fidelity aircraft , the mirage has good capabilities . Are there any campaigns for the viggen? Any major bugs? Also one General question for DCS: is it possible for a new player to join a squadron and fly with these pilots with comms? What are the pros and cons of the viggen ?
  14. Thank you for your reply . Has there been a large sale (50%-60%) due to Easter or summer this time of the year before? Is it possible to map most of the functions on the aforementioned hotas? Are the viggen's air to air capabilities good? How long will it take to become proficient in the viggen's systems?
  15. Hello everyone , I am new to the DCS community and I am planning to purchase my first module soon . As I am on a limited budget , I can purchase only one module for the next few months , that too on a discount . I will have vacation for two months and I intend to use this time for DCS , among other things . I am prepared to spend my time learning the systems and mechanics of the aircraft :book: . One requirement is a fully clickable cockpit . After going through the forums and watching many YouTube videos , I have shortlisted 3 aircraft . These are : 1) Dassault Mirage 2000-C :- I like
  16. I will get http://www.hpshopping.in/hp_notebook_-_15-ay503tx . (I didn't ask for a laptop , it was a hand-me-down lol) . If it was up to me , I would have tried to build a PC but it wasn't and it is unlikely that I will be able to build a PC in a couple of years as I have to focus on studies . I have always wanted to play a SIM like DCS where I can communicate and fly with other pilots , complete all the start-ups , request permission for take-off , taxi etc . The main question I had was will low settings be so bad that it will ruin the game even if the gameplay is fantastic . In April , I wil
  17. Hello everyone . I have wanted to play DCS for a very long time and I finally have a computer capable of running the game . Unfortunately , I JUST make the minimum requirements and the modules and the joystick are expensive . So , if I invest in all this equipment , I want to have a basic idea of how the gameplay will be . I wanted to ask you guys if low settings makes the game unplayable or if the gameplay makes up for it . I have noticed that the community is very helpful . Also , I don't know if this is the correct sub-forum . Could a mod please move the thread if it is not in the correct s
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