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  1. New to viacom pro...i seem to have it all working ok but i hear the chatter in the f18 but i dont in the f14...any ideas what i got wrong?
  2. Ty hornblower for your help as well... I realized that voice attack has the window that shows what your saying...apparently it only reoconizes a few words im saying..lol I guess i need to look into how to train it. Also i know im jumping ahead..lol...but is it possible to change the phrases? Like instead of chief ground power on...maybe chief, give me power? The reason i ask is i was intrigued by how it could make the sim more realistic...some of the phrases seem to be too "computer" like to me. Is there voice training for viacom aswell as voice attack or just voice attack? Thanks again fo
  3. Yes sir...i have read the manual..not one of them guys,lol. I have the viacom box leftctrl,left alt. And c...i can hear the clicks and beeps when i hit a mic key. I have chatter set to automatically come on but i dont hear anything in the dcs. I have standalone voice attack and have dcs beta standalone. I made sure to direct the custom path for my lua as video explained. I did just notice that voice attack isnt getting alot of words im saying...so i presume viacom isnt as well...is there a way to help this? Ive never used voiceattack or viacom before...this is all new to me. I do unders
  4. I am new to dcs and just learning...i purchased voiceattack,viacompro,airio and chatter. I have yet to get this stuff working. I looked at the videos and one is 2yrs old the other is 1yr old...it didnt have anything about the airio in it or installing it. I couldnt find any info on this. I really bought it for the f14 airio addon but i think i got everything installed correct as from what i can understand. I get into a cold and dark f14 and say"chief turn on ground power" nothing happens. For this i try the auto mic as well as the other radios but nothing. Im kinda of confused as to setting
  5. I know im gunna get the "you need to set it up to what you like" answers but, im not a big time pilot in dcs... I own a cpl. Modules and am newbie at best. My question is i have the warthog hotas and just got the f14 module and cannot find a profile anywhere that shows what a default mapping would be...i know heatblur did a basic mapping but alot of things arnt mapped. I ussually go on google and look it up and see what different people are doing to map aircraft to thier hotas and than i go from there but i cannot seem to find anything for the f14. Can anyone show or tell me what they mapp
  6. What do you think, i have a overclocked gtx980 ti....should i upgrade to the gtx 1080ti or wait till next newest card comes out? Opinions?
  7. I have heard time and time again around here " make your own profile for your flight controls" and this i finally took the time to do. As i am new to dcs ive had a hard time trying to get to grips with understanding and memorizing all the buttons and switchs... Anyway, i started mapping my throttle and rudder pedals and stick as i worked through tutorials i would pause,program, then save my profile everytime i did this... Well, today i had a dillemma when playing around with my monitors that i couldnt see the screen to adjust the resolution back...well no big deal, i go into the files and de
  8. Well either way..thank you
  9. I did come across this one... Thank you... I understand the gauges but need the understanding of it in use...ie. During a flight and switching to different waypoints and following them. I was wondering if i could use a10c navigation videos for the a model...theres a ton of those
  10. Im looking at the bunyap totorials and i cannot find any for navigation...i dont want to jump ahead of myself this time...do you guys know of any navigation tutorials for the a10a? David oc...i got up in the air and realized i have no clue on navigating...so i landed
  11. Daveoc thanks thats awesome...i will try it. I dont know anything other than startup,take off and circle the airport and land...so i guess i should do navigation next? As for what i like, i like the tv guided stuff *davidoc* the numbers with the lines i take are waypoints...so if im rite i take off,fly to way points, bomb vehicles, finish waypoints,land...is this correct?
  12. Why were on the topic, i would say i got startup taxi and takeoff down...landing i would say about 80 to 85%... What should i do from here?
  13. First let me start with you guys rock!!!! Thank you!!! I think what is happening is i started with flaming cliffs because of the a10( my favorite all time plane) upon learning to start it up, taxi, take off and about 70% land it good, i saw the a10c...Now all that went through my mind was" aww man, if i gotta learn systems than i might as well get the c version" Well, boy was i wrong...i quickly got eaten alive trying to understand terminology and all. So, i then saw everyone talking about the f18 and how great it was and how much they liked it over the a10c so it slod me on that...another
  14. Ive been trying to learn flying these modules with very poor results... I purchase a cpl. While the sale is on so now just gotta figure things out, hopefully. Ive asked some questions but seems all i ever hear is practice...i got that but theres got to be more than that. Like when i do a practice tutorial and listen to the instructor talk, its like another language with all the terminologies and such. How did u guys start? Did you use a pen and paper(which ive filled half a notebook already) or is there a tablet app thats better for that? Which order do you think is the best way to learn
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